Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Utterly random bits of awesome (including some very risque spaghetti)

This young woman from China is playing "Souvenirs D'enfance" by Richard Clayderman. Just look at her right hand go.

This is a video of the writers of Parenthood talking about the character Max Braverman on the series, who has Asperger syndrome (thanks to the wonderful Asha from Parent Hacks for the alert). As you may know, head writer/producer Jason Katims based Max on his life with his own son, who has Asperbergers. After the commercial, fast forward to minute 2:13.

The other week, I got to attend the Andrea Bocelli concert in Central Park, sponsored by Barilla and the grand finale of their Summer of Italy program. I was happy to bump into Nicole, one of the readers who won VIP tickets (hi, Nicole!). Here he is, singing Ave Maria. I know, beautiful. And, yeah, this is what a concert looks like to you when you're 5'2 and it's raining.

This vision of spaghetti chic was shot at a fantasy/science fiction convention, and shared by the amusing Karen from Walking The Borderline. I think I'm going to wait till Max is a bit older to show it to him. You know, like when he's 9. He's too young to start fantasizing about spaghetti-clad women.

Photo/Dot D


  1. Great links - thanks for sharing. Small note - is it Asperger's, not Asperberger's?

  2. Thx for catching that type! I think I had hamburgers on the brain when I wrote it?

  3. Wow - the spaghetti outfit (complete with meatballs!) is quite eye-catching. I agree with you that Max might need to wait a little while before seeing that. I don't think he'll ever look at spaghetti the same! :)

    Thanks for sharing the Parenthood link, too. My husband and I are faithful viewers and the Asperger's storyline is what originally drew us in. Wonderful writing!

  4. Id like to share a blog post you did for Parent's in my school newsletter. The post is the one where you had friends give you their questions about children with special needs and you answered them. How would I go about getting permission to reprint it?


  5. Cynthia, Parents peeps say you can reprint as long as you mention that the post came from the blog To The Max at Parents.com, and you list the URL for the blog, which is http://www.parents.com/blogs/to-the-max/

  6. I watched the pilot of Parenthood and I really liked it, but I never actually watched it after that. I don't know why. It is great that it is on TV. Great for both "our" community as well as for the general public to have a window in to our worlds. The actor seems like he is really doing a great job. The thing that I found interesting is that they discussed telling Max he had Asperger's. That made me think. I certainly have never told Haley that she is developmentally delayed. She just is. She hears me talk to other people, so I guess she knows. It just made me pause.

    Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing!

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