Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to annoy your child with special needs (and do him good)

Step 1: Decide that you are going to help your child overcome his fear of ____. Sure, your child may have never gone to, say, a movie theater because the booming sound and dark scare the heck out of him, but hmmm... How about a DRIVE-IN movie theater? Perhaps that could do the trick. Experience has shown that once you find a way to push past the fear, your child usually realizes how enjoyable things are.

Step 2: Pick a movie your child will love, such as Cars 2. Find a drive-in movie theater and make a pilgrimage there. Cruise in to scope out the scene as your child wails-screeches in the back seat and vehemently shakes his head "NO."

Step 3: Leave the scene of the crime and go have dinner. Make it a complete drive-in evening and take the family to a drive-in eatery so you never, ever have to leave the comfort of your minivan! Realize that you have become extremely suburban. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Step 4: Return to the drive-in movie theater as your child screams in the back seat. Worry that he may someday require therapy for this, a new form of child abuse.

Step 5: Stick fingers in ears.

Step 6: Grab a spot close to the screen. Put car DVD player on. As movie starts, be the only car in the lot, and perhaps in the history of drive-ins, to simultaneously have a movie playing on the DVD at the same time. Wonder what the people behind you are thinking. Decide that you do not give a crap.

Step 7: Watch with deep, deep satisfaction as child suddenly realizes that it's Cars 2 playing up on there on the screen, calms down and watches contentedly.

Step 8: Fall asleep from emotional exhaustion; wake up as movie credits roll and child says "MORE!"


  1. It sounds like being creative helps him overcome his fears. That's so good to hear!

  2. Awesome! We took our son, Cooper, to his first movie this weekend. (Winnie the Pooh) He HATED the noisy previews, but we hung in there. As soon as Pooh was on the screen, all was right with the world. :) So glad we stuck it out and had a great time. Glad you did too. :)

  3. nice one.
    glad it worked.
    your daughter looks very chilled! lol

  4. Congratulations! I love your creativity on this one. Tell Max I'm proud of him! :)

  5. Good job with Max! You may be going to the drive-in more often now. :)

    I'm going to take Jake to see Pooh at a baby and me showing (hopefully). We'll bring a media player for him to have in his lap and hope that he is pulled in to the movie.

  6. That is so awesome! I have been debating taking the boys to Cars 2. They love the first one but M is also scared of loud noise so I am nervous he may have a meltdown at the theatre. Unfortunately we do not have a drive-in in our city. Maybe one day I will be brave enough (I am thinking chocolate candies of some sort may help distract him).

  7. I brought my son with autism to his first ever drive-in movie and I think for him at least, it is the ideal way to go the movies.

    I'd bring him again this weekend but they aren't showing a kids movie and I'm not sure when they will again.

    I'll probably end up bringing him to the Winnie the Pooh movie at the regular movies, which is doable, but a lot more work.

  8. You are an amazing Mom!!! I especially like the last picture....I assume that must have been your favorite to take too. ;) Excellent post.

    God bless!

  9. How awesome! What a great idea and I'm so glad you stuck it out. Love the pics!

  10. Yes!!! Awesome. Love it when a plan comes together!!!


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