Thursday, July 14, 2011

And this is how the cross-dressing started. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Something interesting happened last night. For months now, Sabrina has been wearing only boy clothes. Mostly Max's, but also items she insisted I buy her from the boy's department at Target. She refuses to wear tanks, pretty shirts, or dresses, and when you ask her to put on a nice top because we're going to a restaurant, she will come downstairs in a SpongeBob SquarePants t-shirt that she may or may not have pulled from the clothes hamper. Once, in desperation, I offered her five bucks to wear a dress to an event. She turned me down. She does not do cute shoes. She does not like putting her hair into ponytails or braids or anything remotely girly.

And so tonight, when I came home from work, I was surprised to see she'd done pigtails.

Too bad they were on Max.

Come on over to today and check out the new blog I'm doing there a couple times a week, To The Max. Yep, that's the old name of this blog—recycling's a good thing, right? Today's post: The quirks you adore about your child—and the ones that drive ya nuts. Can you guess what I said? Bet you can.

Oh, and if you have photos of your child participating in any sports (whether in your backyard or on a team), and you would like him or her to be featured in an upcoming post on kids with special needs and sports, please email them to me with your child's name, age, and your blog name and link (if you have a blog). lovethatmax[at]


  1. LOL That's pretty funny. My mom dressed us pretty girl growing up and now I seldom ever wear dresses or skirts or put my hair up. I hate my hair pulled up and tied up. I'm girly more with make-up, purses, shoes and accessories but I prefer slacks or jeans over dresses.

  2. And by 'sports' do you mean climbing up the ladder for the slide and then going down?

  3. Hi. I meant sports like playing baseball or participating in some sort of organized sports team for kids with special needs. But if your child is young and sports for him means climbing, by all means, send!

  4. I dressed like a boy for my entire childhood.

    My mother insisted I wear a dress to my aunt's wedding and I bawled. There are many photos of me, probably around 10 or 11 years old, with my arms crossed, glaring at the camera in a blue and white floral dress with spaghetti straps.

    What was she thinking?!?

  5. I think that what Sabrina did was very cute and totally innocent. Maybe she was using Max to test out how pigtails look and now she will want to have them done for herself.

    Be patient - she will probably eventually decide to start wearing girls clothes.

  6. In second grade, I got my hair cut very short. Then I started having my mom buy me boys clothes. (after I was wearing baggy clothing just because they fit over the back brace I had to wear.) When I stopped wearing the brace, I still would wear nothing but boys clothing. Heck, I even wore boxers as underwear. People used to mistake me for a boy all the time >_< haha.

    I think its cute what Sabrina did. I also think its great you let Sabrina wear clothing from the boys department.

    In my opinion, if it makes them happy, let them wear it.

  7. My brother (now newly 23, happy birthday, CC!) loves to dress in girl clothes. Every once in a while he'll drag our mother or a caregiver into a store and insist on buying a skirt or necklace or something, and he usually gets Mum to paint his fingernails. (Actually he just got a bottle of nail polish for his birthday yesterday. Sparkly nail polish.)
    Though I'm not sure he has this whole boy-girl thing really figured out. He also keeps telling us that he wants to have a baby. Not his hypothetical girlfriend or wife. He himself. :)

  8. I probably SHOULD comment something relevant to the rest of the post, but look at the tan and freckles on Max! Someone played in the sun A LOT at summer camp :)

  9. my 5 year old son concerns me some days...he wants his hair long, his favorite color is pink, he sneaks into his sister's nail polish to paint his fingernails. But he also likes matchbox cars and dirt and stuff like that. it'll all work out eventually...


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