Saturday, April 30, 2011

What makes weekends easier for you? Plus, announcing Easy Week!

Weekdays are usually a blur of work, homework, chores, bath, bedtime, blah, blah, blah. So I try to max out our weekends by doing as little work as possible. I typically stay up late on weeknights to hit stores and do laundry, and don't bother to pick up stuff around the house on Saturday or Sunday or care much about mess or dust (I know, now you're really dying to come visit us).

I also try to make plans for weekends early in the week. I once went to a seminar by a time management expert and one of her tips was to figure out your weekend activities every Monday; it gives you mojo to get through the week, and then you don't have that "Oops! Forgot to plan!" situation come Saturday and end up sitting around all day doing pretty much nothing except for watching TV and nuking frozen food. Er, not that we ever do that. No, not us.

In honor of all things easy and Mother's Day, starting on Monday and all through the week, I'm giving away things that make life easier for moms. It's really good stuff, although I am not giving away a therapist or a lifetime supply of Pinot Grigio or a third arm or anything. But I think you'll like Easy Week.

Meanwhile, share your ideas: What makes life easier for you on weekends?


  1. I go to yoga class on Saturday mornings. Alone! It recharges me for the whole week :)

  2. I work six days a week since I got my "saving for the future" job-- so I have MONDAYS off (not always, but mostly)! I am four days at one job, and SAT/SUN (often 12 hour shifts) at the other.

    On Mondays, my mother and I often go to lunch or go fart around WALMART. Every once in a blue moon we go to the salon and get hair cuts and our feet done. Doesn't sound like much, but we laugh and have fun and joke with each other. It's the most relaxing time ever!

  3. Shopping online and home delivery! Trying to shift chores to weekday runaround when i'm busy anyway, leaving the weekend free for tv and ...I mean, meaningful family adventures (ahem).

    Oh, and I just got a cleaner (does happy dance)!! I'm still excited about that one.

  4. we all walk around the mall on saturday evenings and eat at the food court. on sunday all 4 of us take a nice long nap :-)

  5. I overplan my son's day,including two hours at a nearby park, skip his regular two hour nap, and get him to bed three hours earlier than usual,
    Where I enjoy uninterrupted, relaxed ME time!

  6. One word: husband! He loves to fish, and is willing to take the kids with him. :)

  7. What makes weekends easier for me is not having anyhting unexpected happens since each weekend I have to attend to every need of my son which are myriad and never trivial. There are no weekends off, no trips, and so no visitors or surprises. This brings focus and thus calm and once you adjust to that, respite means a modicum of quiet, which comes whenever it comes, whether at 3.30 am or a five minute shower and shave while the older kids watch my son since not one second can he be left alone.

  8. I try to foster family time for weekends at home. Planning ahead a family meal that all will eat( special needs= special meals) home made pizza, pasta etc. A seasonal art project we can o together and hang on our art wall- backyard patio time.

    It's like the old wives tale about putting sex on your schedule- sometimes you have to plan the simplest things ! lol.

    My easy tip- finishing all laundry Sunday night while catching up on my fav DVR shows from the week. A loupe guilty me time while I fold- and start the week off right!

  9. Great idea! Today, sadly, I have a toothache, and it's killing me. However, I've taken a painkiller and plan for that to kick in before the MASSSAGE THERAPIST gets here! Yes, that's right---My MIL got me an in-home masssage for my birthday. Now, that's my kind of weekend activity! :)

    I love your philosophy and try to practice it, too; I don't like to clutter up my weekends with commitments. Your giveaway idea sounds awesome :)

  10. LOVE the ideas here!

    Eric, it sounds like you have a lot on your hands. Is there any respite care you can get on weekends?

    Selene, re, online shopping: You are going to be psyched about Monday's giveaway, it's a biggie.

    Andi: My husband is willing to take the kids to Costco! It ain't fishing, but I'll take it.

    Anon: We no longer have to work on tiring the kids out, they seem to do it themselves and often crash earlier in the evenings on weekends. I think tonight my husband and I are having a Netflix date night in, with Chinese food.

  11. I work 4 days a week and our weekends are made easier by giving Gill some down time. She goes to bingo, to her mates for an evening, to a few pubs in town. We usually get out with all 4 kids but recently they've started swim classes so we have "only" 2 at home for a few hours.
    Plan ahead. Make the most of it or just Chill Out. It's all good.

  12. I'm still adjusting to being a mum so my weekends are super busy as I feel like I never get anything done. I have just summerised my weekend
    I need to relax.

  13. My weekends are easier because my husband is home too! It is so nice to have another adult about the place.
    I love your blog, I found you when we were both featured in the Moms Who Blog article for Exceptional Family magazine.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  14. On the weekend my older kids watch Tim for a couple hours so I can get my nails done, or just have a few kid free hours. I read an article you wrote...I'm not sure what mag, a friend cut out a part that said, ' Why mom's of special needs kids rock'. When I read it I totally had a quick 'bawlfest':) Thank you for that little up. My boy is pretty severely disabled, and some days feel pretty beyond me, so I appreciate the stuff that keeps me going and keeps me laughing. Thank You:)

  15. My Hubby does some of the cooking.

    Our Teen does some of the cleaning - wait, that never happens. Start now with Sabrina! ;)

    Thanking you in advance for a great giveaway. I'll be looking to RT your tweets. Barbara

  16. Weekends for us need to be very structured or mamma can lose it along with J.
    To make the weekends easier we plan outings, we do have free play, and dh usually does the cooking while I entertain the children. On Sundays when I don't have a worker for J I don't hesitate to ask for help if it becomes too much..

  17. I am just going to request that you do giveaway a thrid arm, because it never hurts to ask.

  18. I don't work much outside of the home but my only overlap day with my husband off is Friday. So TR night is girls night where we hang out and then I stay the night away from the house! Then on Friday we try to do something fun as a family.


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