Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The joys of the late-blooming child

This week, a few daffodils finally sprang up.
They came a little late this spring
or maybe it just feels that way
because I'd been so impatient for them
after the winter we'd been through.
When you've been looking at dormant ground
and eagerly awaiting growth,
watching daily for any sign whatsoever of growth,
you appreciate the blooms that break through.
I took in the daffodils' brightness,
admired the petals' shapes
and graceful droop
and the stalks so clearly stronger
than appearances revealed.
The daffodils were even more beautiful
than expected...
and that much more enjoyable
because of all the anticipation.


  1. Some would find me sitting there, just watching the sunlight move over and through the petals, watching the breeze stir the leaves. They'd say, "It's just a flower -- there are tons of them around." How little they know.

  2. got it
    thanks Ellen
    I appreciate my daffodil too

  3. i love my daffodil too


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