Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And I wonder why he never wants to help

Here's our holiday card. I was all proud of myself because I ordered them from Shutterfly on Thanksgiving weekend, when they had some sort of great deal. Of course, since then they've sat on our living room bookshelf. Every night I'd think, "I'm sending them out!" And then, I didn't because there were approximately 73 other things I'd rather be doing. I kept wishing I had a wife who would handle it; Dave is never into pitching in with tasks like this. Tonight I realized why.

For the first time ever, I roped him into sticking on the stamps and mailing labels. He was also in charge of sealing envelopes with this handy-dandy Bottle Moistener I pull out once a year. I'd do the addressing.

I glanced over after he'd done a few. "Honey, the mailing label is crooked," I said.

"OK," he said.

I looked over again a little while later. "Sweetie, now the stamps and the mailing labels are crooked," I pointed out.

"Does it really matter?" said Dave, reasonably.

"Well, as long as you're doing it, you might as well put it on straight," I said.

He just stared at me.

I looked over again in a bit.


I didn't say a peep.

Sometimes, I give wives a bad name.


  1. Love the cards!!! I snoozed all together on holiday cards and am hoping to do Valentines ones!!

    And my very astute male boss once told me that he thinks every working woman needs a wife! So true right?

    But, to his credit, when my husband does help, its never to my liking .... He's sooooo pokey. I too need to work on taking help graciously.

  2. Cut old Dave some slack, at least he's trying!

    Thank heavens for my MOM...she sends out a holiday card for all of us, to a mailing list that numbers in the HUNDREDS, and she does it all by HAND! Mailing labels? What are those? She writes every address! She starts right after Thanksgiving, and does about thirty a day--she's very disciplined. She doesn't do those annoying form letters, either. If she has something to say, she writes a personal note. Yeah, she's a throwback to a more civilized time, I guess! Do I follow in her footsteps? Not only no but hell no....but I do envy her ability to make it all seem so easy!

  3. I have one all put together with Tiny Prints. It's lovely. It's not ordered. People may get it by spring the way things are going right now.

  4. Amazing cards :) Should start sending some as the internet has made me so lazy.

  5. Love the card. I have a theory that my own hubby will feign ineptness in some areas just because he knows darn well that I'll eventually say, "Oh, forget it. I'll just do it myself".

  6. EXACTLY why I didn't do them this year! Set low standards and people expect less from you. :-)

  7. Ha! You know that saying about if you want something done right? I gave up on that a long time ago. Sweet cards. And, you know, the crooked labels and stamps make them, I don't know, more...human? Real? I think it's sweet.

  8. Your card is beautiful - great photos with nice colors!

    My Hubby is the same on that particular task.

    I struggle with getting the labels straight, too - I figure it's a perceptual thing. I turn the envelope upside down and apply them upside down. For some reason it is easier for me to align the label with the corner that way. Barbara

  9. Yes, I know that saying "If you want something done right, do it yourself" all too well.:) That and, "If you're going to do something, you may as well do it right." Both of these make it really hard to be me. And really hard to be Dave!!! He gets major husband points for helping.

    I will add "Crooked can be charming" to my mottos to live by.

  10. haha, I've given up on my husband's help. I force him to sign just the very few cards that he has to - the key family members. and those 5 or 10 cards take him as long as it takes me to do everyone. -sigh-

  11. My husband never graduated to the Christmas cards. I made the mistake of commenting on some really crooked labels on bills once, and he started putting them on upside down. I, too, wish I had a wife.

  12. That is a really great card, Ellen! I love it. Happy holidays to you too!

  13. Your card is great! I did not have the energy to do cards this year, and I'm sad I didn't. It's hard to "correct" husbands' behavior without offending them. I wonder if it's even possible!

  14. Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

  15. ahh, that picture of max looks so come i haven't received the 4x6 in my mailbox yet??????? lol
    Great Holiday Card and Sabrina is such a cutie.

  16. i think we're doing new year's cards this year. family letter still isn't done (yes, they're hokey but i love reading everyone else's so i write one; i wish more people sent letters!) and i haven't picked a picture for baby j's birth announcement, which is doubling as our card. i wish we had address labels! my dh is always willing to help but his hand writing is atrocious, so i always do it myself and it takes forever. maybe i'll make him print some and put him in charge of sticking them. thanks for the idea!

  17. Love the card! I just ordered our New Year's cards - getting "Christmas Cards" done by Christmas was a no-go this year. Guess I need a wife! ;)

  18. Hilarious. Our cards are still sitting on our kitchen table. Tonight, my husband decided to become proactive by creating a list of the people we'd send them to.

    The cards have yet to move an inch :)


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