Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping with Max

• One purple candle: check.
• One container Smucker's Grape Jelly: check.
• One walking cane with lots of purple (small): check.
• One walking cane with lots of purple (large): check.
• One Crayola purple toothbrush: check.
• One purple pashmina scarf: check.
• One purple-tubed CVS Color Protect Moisturizing Conditioner: check.
• One pack purple birthday candles: check.
• One stand-off at the checkout counter about what Max could and couldn't get: CHECK.

At least we didn't come home with the canes.

And now, a public service announcement: I am getting the heck off of Blogspot and moving to, so you can start visiting there. Bookmark it, change your feed subscription, alert the authorities, etc.


  1. I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while -- I have no reason! I love Max and his purple obsession. He would love to visit my Sophie since her room is purple and yellow (although it's not quite as bright a purple as the color he prefers!). I hope you're well, Ellen, and look forward to visiting more on your fancy new website!

  2. I'm already getting redirected. Didn't even have to change my blog roll.

  3. I actually need a new toothbrush. Could Max get one for me? Color doesn't matter, but my last 2 have been purple.

  4. I wondered who the canes were for! Maybe you can find some purple candy canes for the holidays!!

  5. Congrats on the new website, Ellen! I bookmarked it so I won't miss out on anything! Following your blog is definitely a part of my day! =)

  6. Look out, world! She's going to her own domain!

    No canes, eh? Too funny.

  7. Max is a very wise child as historically purple is the color of royalty (as in medieval times it was rather expensive and labor intensive to dye fabrics purple).

    As a fellow purple lover (I can still recall the day in kindergarten (30+ years ago) when I declared my love for purple going against the grain when the other girls chose pink, red or yellow and the boys chose blue, green, black, I was the only child who chose purple.)

    At least you didn't have to go home with the canes (though my son would have put up a fight for the canes. He's rather fascinated by them at the ripe old age of 8. He actually had a battle of wits last year with my mother, insisting that he HAD to go to school with a cane that was nearly taller than him. Yeah, I had to leave work to find my mother locked in her (purple) car and my 2nd grader sitting defiantly on the curb with the cane. I won that battle. )

    If you ever change your mind, I can send you my son (he's under 70lbs so he should meet the "priority mail" weight requirement and he is neither flammable, alcohol nor glass) to paint your house purple. He could use the heavy work. :)

  8. Trish, the canes were for nobody--it's just that they were purple! He was literally grabbing anything purple he could find. And Gina, how kind of you (and in the spirit of the season!) to offer to parcel post your son to us. When and if we decide we need a purple house, we will keep you in mind. Until then, more purple power to you!

  9. I would be sad if you didn't write anymore. Glad that you're just changing the address??


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