Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Max and I are going to be rich and famous!

Oh, OK, so maybe we might just win a contest. I'm a finalist for The Bump Mommy Blog Awards in the "Hottest Mom" category.

Oh, OK, it's the "Special Needs Blog" category. And the competition is fierce; all of the blogs are worthy of recognition. As the saying goes, it's an honor to be nominated. I actually welled up. This is also a welcome distraction from what's sure to be a minor medical drama tomorrow, when Max goes for his ambulatory EEG to check whether he's having absence seizures.

Shameless plug alert, click to vote for me! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. Voting ends October 19, and I'm pretty sure you can do it as often as you'd like.

Mom, you're going to vote for me, right?

Illustration by Rozana


  1. Voted for you :) Best of luck you're an excellent blogger and Mommy to Max and Sabrina :)

  2. My vote is in ;-). Good luck! BOTH with this AND with the EEG tomorrow.



  3. YEEEEE HAW!!! Step right up folks, vote early and often! I can't think of a soul on "the internets" who deserves this recognition more. Your blog is the most fantastic and real thing going--it's truth AND power! I'm rooting for you and hope you win!

    Also, I'm rooting for a good result from the ambulatory EEG as well. I hope Max is in a cooperative mood so the process goes as smoothly as possible. Best of luck!

  4. I don't know about your mom, but I'll vote for you! I'll be thinking about you guys during the EEG tomorrow, too. Congrats, Ellen - you really are an awesome mom.

  5. I already voted....just because you seriously rock, and deserve the award!!!!

  6. OK.........I just voted....I hope you win!!!

  7. As a retired EEG tech I feel for you tomorrow.
    One thing we would do for the 24 hour ambulatory was have a child pick out a new sock hat if they were into that kind of stuff to wear.
    It usually kept them away from the electrode pulling.
    Some kids it really worked for. I can't see mine liking it but you never know.

    Another really gross sounding thing a mom did was let her son wear his favorite underwear on his head. He loved it. Kids are gross.

    P.S. I voted for you.

  8. Hi - Thanks for coming to my blog to check it out! A dear friend of mine nominated me for that...very kind of her to do so. The blog, for me, has been a great therapy, a great way to reach out, a great way to bring people back in! Thanks for introducing yourself. Max is quite the little prince. He is precious. It's amazing how much these kiddos change us as mothers, as people...they make us better everyday if we let them!

  9. I so excited that you are a finalist! Congratulations -I voted for you :)

  10. Just put you on my facebook links - hope you win because you deserve it.

    And good luck with the ECG thingie or is it EEG, I can never remember! xx

  11. Voted for you! You deserve it! I love your blog & your stories of Max & Sabrina!!

  12. Of course I'm voting for you, as many times as they'll let me...because you keep it real. Prayers for you on Friday and the EEG results, and the pictures of Max playing soccer were moving to the point of tears. He can do so much more than the Dr.'s painted at his birth, can't he?

    You rock as his mom!(((()))))


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