Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry, celebs: My child's cuter than your child

One of my favorite hobbies, aside from restoring antique vacuum cleaners and cultivating heirloom seeds in used egg cartons: I like to compare my kids to celebrities' kids. Make that, I like thinking that my kids are way cuter than theirs are.

It started when Max was a baby. In the months after he was born, I was inconsolable. The only thing, and I mean the only thing, that gave me joy was Max's cuteness. He had that smile, chubby cheeks and yummy baby thighs with rolls of fat.

Sarah Jessica Parker had given birth to her son, James, two months earlier. When I'd see paparazzi photos of the two of them, I'd inevitably think, "Max is cuter."

That started it. Since then, anytime I see photos of celeb kids, I can't help but compare them to Max or Sabrina. Granted, there are a few Hollywood tots that rate on the same level of cuteness—Suri Cruise, Levi McConaughey, Shiloh Jolie Pitt. Well, almost. But then there are ones I think Max and Sabrina totally out-cute, including Emme and Max Anthony (word to Jennifer and Marc: nice to steal my kid's name!).

Odd, aren't they, these little mind games that give you a lift.

We're off to the beach for a few days, I have great guest posters lined up for Thursday and Friday. Happy, happy 4th, everyone!

Photo: Pacific Coast News Online


  1. you've got a great attitude..

  2. I agree - Sarah Jessica's son has nothing on Max. It's impossible not to smile when you see that way - too - cute smile. And that baby picture - I had to practically slap my hand to keep me from pinching my laptop screen! Ah, if only it were a good thing to have thigh rolls as my age...
    As for Sabrina, I think it's the face combined with those precious curls. Hubby has curly hair, and I always say that if we ever have a daughter, I hope she inherits them.
    Both of them have such beautiful eyes, too - do they come from Mom or Dad?
    Have fun at the beach and happy Fourth!

  3. Your kids are way cuter! However, I always noticed the celebs with twins. Ok, my twins were cuter for sure. However, I did notice the Mom's always looked better than me! They were dressed perfect, makeuped and looked perky. Why is that? Oh wait, who was that in the background? OH the nannies!! Have a great Fourth!!

  4. I agree what a cutie.

    What an honor to be listed with you on moms who blog. I have followed your blog since I found out about Jude.

    Hugs, and have a great vacation! I am on

  5. Oh, how wonderful - a perfect chance for me to gush about the cuteness factor of Max and Sabrina. Not that I need a reason - I do it all the time anyhow. They are pretty darn cute, in their own rights, and to see the two of them together in one place could possibly be too much cuteness for anyone to handle!!! My mom agrees with me, so I must be right. So. let all those celebrities come up with some unique names etc. Their kids can't even compare to Sabrina and Max!!! Spoken like a true Aunt.

  6. Your kids ARE cute, Ellen!! So are mine, even today, when they spent half the day outside wearing pajama tops and old cutoffs and making a muddy mess in the backyard! Needless to say, it was "bath night" in a big way for the two cuties!

    We're going for a picnic by the lake on the fourth, and the kids are going to indulge in their new summer hobby, fishing with grampa!

  7. My baby cousin is "underweight" and she has a model figure! She is healthy and likes music, animals, and wheat-free recipes!I am in the 7th grade and people think I am in the 6th grade because I am short and weak-looking.


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