Monday, July 20, 2009

Max's new favorite food in the whole wide world

Max's official new food of choice is pasta. He likes any kind, but has a special fondness for Barilla Piccolini Mini Wheels with tomato sauce. Tasty, easy to chew, easy to spoon up, fun to look at.

He can down two bowlfuls, and asks for it by name: "As-ta! As-ta!"

We dump on a ton of Parmesan cheese to add calories (Max is a skinny boy).

I was just waiting for the gene to kick in with Max—for me, pasta is a veritable food group. My favorite dish is farfalle (bow-tie pasta) with salmon sauce, which I've loved ever since I studied in Florence, Italy during my junior year abroad. My other favorite foods: pizza, pickles, sushi and coconut ice-cream.

What are your top 5 favorite foods?

Photo by Amitai Gat


  1. Chocolate icecream
    Chocolate cookies
    Chocolate truffles
    Chocolate cake
    and . . .

    As if there could possibly be anything else.


  2. OMG Connor's too. I was going to write:

    That's really all I need.

  3. For a while all Zach would eat was he still eats it everyday! I love it too...I love angel hair pasta with spaghetti sauce...or in italian wedding soup!

  4. I'm DOUBLY impressed - eating Pasta (I dream of the day that Gavin can eat ANYTHING solid!)...and ASKING for it!! That's awesome!
    Me? My top five would have to be:
    Strawberry Frosted Pop Tarts
    Chicken Baja Burrito, Enchilado Style from Baja Fresh.
    Fried Calamari
    Pancakes smothered with butter & syrup.
    Strawberry Frosted Pop Tarts. Oh, did I already mention that? It's worth mentioning twice. ;-)

  5. PIZZA!!!!!!
    Dove chocolates (now in peanut butter, YUM)
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Diet coke

  6. I'm in the pasta group completely. So is Charlie. He's all about some spaghetti ohs and I can seriously put away some fettucini alfredo. I do wish I could spell some of those Italian words correctly. Anyway, favorites:

    fettucini alfredo
    chicken enchiladas
    Mac n cheese
    Bannanas Foster Cheesecake
    Spinach and artichoke dip

  7. Ellen - if you had to add a 6th item to your list, would it be a tuna melt?

    My favorites are:

    Pistachio ice cream
    Eggplant parm (hero or as a main dish)
    Greek salad
    Pumpkin or key lime pie (or any kind of pumpkin dessert)


  8. Spinach Raviloi
    Diet Coke

  9. Barbara from BostonJuly 20, 2009 at 6:31 PM

    Wow, Max fell in love with something
    that involves neither chocolate or doughnuts... your little boy is growing up. As for me: ice cream
    homemade Mac n cheese
    sub sandwiches

  10. PASTA!!! w/ lots of cheese
    Anything greek
    Calamari(me too, Kate)
    LOBSTER!!(waith, shouldn't that go at the top?)
    I am soooo glad Max is eating!

  11. Um, yes, tuna melts are #6. Carrot cake, #7.
    It's weird, and I know all of you chocolate lovers would not be able to comprehend this, but I somehow grew out of my love of chocolate. I adored it in high school and college, but not after that. Although Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my #8.
    Mac and cheese: #9
    Port wine cheese: #10
    I could go on and on.
    And, people, come on--Diet Coke doesn't count! It's a free pass.
    Today was definitely not a good day for me to start my new healthy eating plan. Nope. Not a good day.

  12. In no official order:
    Coconut cream pie
    Hawaiian pizza
    Starbucks Frappucino
    Blueberry cheesecake
    Poutine (aka french fries smothered in gravy & cheese curds)

  13. chocolate
    you get the idea........

  14. You and Daniel must have the same taste buds. He loves sushi and pickles, too!
    I'm with Max on the pasta. I would LOVE to be able to eat a huge bowl of pasta, trying to gain weight!
    Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? They sell an organic multicolored (with spinach and carrots) alphabet pasta that Daniel loves. We load him up on cheese to try to add calories, too.
    As for me, I LOVE marmite. If you don't know what it is, it's sort of like vegemite - that super salty tasting Australian spread. Marmite is difficult to explain - bitter, very salty tasting, somewhat meaty - and I'm a total addict. I eat it on rice cakes and justify my obsession due to the fact that it's loaded with folate.

  15. Ewww - marmite! My dad loves that too but... Ewww.

    I'm a celiac so pasta isn't really my thing. I love chocolate - but it goes without saying that no meal is complete without :)

    My non chocolate top 5 is probably:
    -Spare ribs
    -Stir fry
    -Grilled cheese sandwich (but I'm picky about my gluten free bread!) with fries
    -Onigari (although I'm all about tuna salad or chicken salad fillings. Or even totally westernized with hamburger..)

  16. I am a pasta lover! I think I could live on just pasta...and chocolate! My favorites are my mums Pasta Bake and Lasagna

  17. Pasta (no sauce because it messes up the pasta), sour candy, dark chocolate (I can go up to 85%), anything containing artificial banana flavor(but not bananas because the texture makes me gag), macaroni and cheese (mild cheese only), turkey pepperoni pizza, pinto beans, broccoli (not raw), baby carrots, and, most of all, chicken mini tacos from Trader Joe's!


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