Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Attention Jon Gosselin: Hello, you are still a father!

OK, breakups happen. Even when you have eight kids. Even when you have to do it in front of America.

OK, affairs happen. Even when you have eight kids. Even with (OK, especially with) 22-year-old party girls. Even when you know America is watching.

But let me just say, what the heck was Jon Gosselin doing spending all that time with his new gal pal in the South of France? How could he rent a bachelor pad in New York City, a two-hour plus drive from Berks County, Pennsylvania, where the family home is?

In the People article that just came out, Hailey Glassman spoke about how the two of them love watching movies, playing pool and ping pong.

Word to Jon: These are things dads typically do with kids, too.

Unlike other people, I don't take issue with the fact that the guy is moving on so quickly from his marriage. But he is still a father. When's he going to start acting like a dad again instead of just playing one on TV?

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  1. I just saw a magazine heading saying that him and his girl friend are now engaged. He doesn't let the dust settle under his feet long.

  2. Gosh, when this first went down, I was so anti-kate. I mean she was wicked to Jon...but dear god, Jon is just awful these days!! Regardless of who did or said what, he needs a serious reality check (and a swift kick in the behind)! Like you said, he is STILL a father, and one to 8 kids no less! Geez, get a grip man, come down from your high horse and step up--you do not look cool!

    I get WAY too emotionally invested in these shows! But it breaks my heart for the kids.

  3. This is Joyce. This was the only topic of conversation all day at work because the new People arrived(the boss has threatened to hide that magazine when it comes:) Many feel like you, some are horrified, the boss-who also happens to be my husband-is jealous, but I think the whole thing has to be a publicity stunt. Maybe I am in denial but surely in real life the man would see how childish he looks, don't you think?

  4. I used to be anti kate too...until I felt like I had been in her shoes somewhat...having a cheating husband...I felt so sorry...It takes meeting some young little woman for him to grow a pair and stand up for himself. I always wanted him to take a stand when Kate was being nasty...but cheating isnt the way to do it. Now I havent watched tons of their show...but who cant see that he is acting like he has a totally different life...Hello...dont be a deadbeat dad too!!!!

  5. I'm sorry, I have no respect for that man and I think his girlfriend is a little hussy, too. She should wake up and see that Romeo for what he is--he's thinking with his little head and he'll do the same thing to HER in ten years, only she won't be "TV famous" or, odds are, have eight kids.

    It's hell on wheels raising two some days, with help from my folks and lots of it too, I can't imagine having to deal with eight little ones. He should be there for his children, not screwing around with a girl barely out of her teen years.

    That wife of his KNEW something was up with this cheater, way before the media did. That's probably why she was in a bad mood. Those cameras don't show everything. They edit the footage so it tells a little story, and sometimes the story isn't entirely true. And of course, she's doing all the heavy lifting with the babies and he's off partying. It just ain't right.

  6. I was saying the same thing to my husband the other day. I try to ignorer the whole Jon and Kate saga, but it's sometimes hard to look away. You can divorce your spouse, but you can't divorce your kids. Taking off to France and moving nearly 3 hours away aren't things that a good father does. Shame on Jon, and I hope that he grows up soon for the sake of those poor kids.

  7. I never got into the show but just hearing about everything, its sad.


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