Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happiness is...

...Max's laugh. Laughter is the theme this week over at I Heart Faces. How could I resist? Especially given the day we had yesterday.

I can still vividly recall the first time Max ever laughed. He was about three months old, we were hanging out in bed, I made a raspberry and suddenly, he guffawed. For me, hearing that laugh went way beyond the usual delight of a parent witnessing a baby doing something for the first time. I was so excited to get a reaction from him, so encouraged to see that the wheels were turning in his brain, so eager to prove the doctors wrong who told us Max could have serious mental retardation.

Stuff that makes Max giggle now:
• When you drop things.
• When you put him on your shoulder and jog around the house.
• Doing "This little piggie" on his toes.
• When you chase after him and pretend to be a monster.
• The scene in Cars when Lightening McQueen is talking to himself and saying, "No, No, No" and then "Yes, Yes, Yes."
• When Aunt Judy and Babba walk in the door for a visit.
• When I pretend to nibble on him and eat him up, body part by body part.

What makes your child crack up?


  1. It's all yummy!! There is no better sound than hearing Max giggle!!! He has the cutest laugh. The next best thing is getting a big smooch from him first thing when I visit.

  2. LOVE this pic! And your list too of course. I've started sending in my own entries after reading about it on your blog. It's fun!

  3. such an adorable pic and little man....and what a heart touching post....i know exactly what you mean cause i have a little man with autism and you just appreciate the things other parents take for granted so, so, so much more when they do them! blessings...

  4. We all love fart jokes, and fart noises, and anything farty here! Always good for a huge laugh! Grampa can be a noisy fellow, and we all laugh when he blames one of the dogs. The funniest thing is the dog's hurt expression when he gets accused!

    The boys also love any tv commercial that has a baby or an animal talking. It doesn't matter what the commercial is about, if there's a dog (or any animal) or a baby talking, they laugh themselves sick.

  5. Max has the sweetest little NOSE!

    My son laughs at basically all of the things yours (except the Aunt Judy and Babba thing, but that's only because he doesn't know them!). For some reason, Emmett laughs if I say, "Messy!" Raspberries are also very popular around here.

  6. Though I don't have children of my own, I worked around kids at my judo class every week... The younger ones always get a kick out of it when I throw them in the big high throws us adults do (just not so hard on them)... or when we use the big soft crash-pad...

    One little guy Jason always walks up to me and asks me to throw him, with a big grin, and his missing baby teeth, too cute...

  7. When we lost Jude's smile due to the seizures I was so upset. So when the Depakote worked, and he not only smiled but laughed I was thrilled! Jude laughs at any high pitched squeaky noise, or my voice.......I guess I am high pitched? lol

  8. So precious. I love chunky baby cheeks!

    Logen laughs when Parker gets in trouble (or when he does something he should and he gets warned not to do it again, only to egg on the behavior). And, of course Parker does the same with Logen. It's a never ending cycle of sillies! :)

  9. Your Max is sure a delight... what a precious Gift!

    God bless-


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