Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sablog (a "blog" by Sabrina, age four)

For today I was thinking of writing about spanking your children, giving them human growth hormone and other low-key topics, given that yesterday's rant about child harnesses didn't generate much flack. Instead, I decided to go with this controversial post, courtesy of Sabrina.

So, would you like to talk about Max?

Sabrina: "No, about me. Because I like myself!"

And what would you like to tell everybody today?

Sabrina: "I want to tell everybody that I have an Ariel doll. And, and, I was, was, watching Peter Pan. But I didn't eat. Mmmm.... I was cold. That's all the questions."

OK. Let's talk about Max!

Sabrina: "OK!"

What do you want to tell everybody about Max?

Sabrina: "He likes to watch Cars. And he eats so well. And he likes Wall-E. That's all the questions for Max, too."

Do you like to help Max?

Sabrina: "Yes."


Sabrina: "Because he's my sister."

Silly! Think about that. He's your sister?

Sabrina: "Oh. He's my brother. But who's the sister?"

You don't have a sister! What are your favorite things to do with Max?

Sabrina: "I like to share. And I like to play with him. And, and, um, and I like to play with my Belle doll and Snow White and Jasmin and the new doll and....what's her name...Ariel."

Does Max like to play outside?

Sabrina: "He likes to go on the swings."

Does Ariel like to go on the swings?

Sabrina: "No, she's a mermaid."

Why can't mermaids go on the swings?

Sabrina: "Cause if they sit on the swing their tails will fall off. That's all the questions."

Thanks for talking to everyone, sweetie. You look beautiful in your mermaid outfit.


  1. "Cause if they sit on the swing their tails will fall off." !! lol

    Don't you love the things kids think up!

  2. Now that is one cute little angel!

    And smart, too!

  3. Now THAT was funny. I think it's interesting that Sabrina said, "Because he's my sister." are pretty intuitive. Have you taken a pregnancy test lately?? ;-)

  4. Sabrina, Ariel (and of course, Ariel's best friend Flounder) need their own blog. They have so much to say! As for the leash thing. Maybe it should come with a shirt that says I am wearing this because it's just safer that way, ok?" I get that safety comes first and there is a time and place for using one. As for your joking that it makes your kid look like a pet....hey, it's the truth. It's kinda funny. If you have a special needs kid, you know there are times when humor is a good thing. Ellen, your humor always does me a world of good.

  5. Cuteness, cuteness, cuteness!!!

    Your "thinking about talking about spanking" totally reminded me....when we were in the playroom yesterday in Day Surgery, there was a dad there who very sternly told his daughter that was hopped up on Versed, "Do I need to take you into the bathroom and spank you?". Thankfully a nurse came in and blew bubbles for them very shortly after.

  6. Sounds to me like Sabrina wants a sister! Just sayin....

  7. Oh my goodness, she is just delicious!


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