Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Confessional

* My sister (Aunt Judy) is pregnant! I am beyond thrilled. Happily, my sister-in-law, Emily, is also knocked up, so Max and Sabrina are due to have two little cousins soon. All the baby news has been making me think, If we're going to have another kid, we need to do it soon. We just can't make up our minds. The lovely economy has not been making our decision any easier.

* Dave was snoring so loudly last night that I shoved him to wake him up. I did. I am going to add a button to Max's speech device that proclaims "Stop snoring!" and leave it on our nightstand and press it as necessary.

* Some little girl Sabrina knows told Sabrina that she has a big belly. (Sabrina does have an adorable pot belly, a perfectly acceptable thing to have at four years old.) When Sabrina mentioned it to me, I wanted to tell her to tell this child, "My belly rocks and you're a puny, whiny, boring kid. Now be nice or I'll sit on you." Instead, I simply told Sabrina that her belly is just perfect, and kissed it and kissed it till she laughed.

* I am thinking of doing irrevocable damage to Max's Wall-E DVD. If you've had to sit through Wall-E more than once, you will understand why.

* I went to the paint store this weekend to check out possibilities for a room I'm redoing and walked out with an insane amount of color sample strips. Why why why are there so many shades of blue? There is probably a "Wanted" poster of me at the paint store.

* Max's school is having a Gertrude Hawk Chocolate sale that ends this Friday, and I have not been a model salesperson. I've sold four boxes—to our babysitter and Dave's mom. It is looking like I am going to have to order a bazillion boxes of chocolate myself. Which is not going to help with Sabrina's belly situation. Or mine.

Got something to confess?


  1. I am so happy my kids did not take to Wall-E! It is bad enough that right not Monster's Inc. is the only movie they want to see. I am so tired of it!!!

  2. I have got to confess that I need a break. Not just an afternoon--I need a few days to myself. My folks do so much for me, though, already, that I hesitate to ask.

    Is it selfish to want a little mini-vacation? Why do I feel guilty for wanting just a few days to myself?

    Ellen, sometimes, when there are too many shades of blue, that really means that you want a nice sunny shade of yellow....

  3. Confessions from a conflicted cook:

    - Gavin's latest vegetable stew concoction sucks. I wouldn't eat it, but I'm going to make HIM eat it. Should I feel bad about that? I added Kale for the first time which I think was the fatal mistake. I'll just add lots of banana when I'm feeding it to him. Banana fixes everything.

    - It's only show two and I'm already hooked on Celebrity Apprentice. And tonight? I'll be instantly hooked on Dancing with the Stars. There has to be a group for people like me.

    - I have a HUGE pet-peeve. People who end their sentences with the word *at*. I just did - but that was for example's sake...swear. "Where you at?" makes me cringe.

    - I'll make a deal with you, Ellen. You host a *Cash for Gold* party and I'll buy some chocolate!


  4. Yay for all of the babies-to-be! I am currently in the threws of baby lust myself, and we have to wait until Jer gets back from deployment to start the adoption process, so it will be at least another two years before we have another one. This is very sad.

    As for movies, well it could be worse. My son is in love with Disney's version of Pocahontas. He laughs and claps his hands whenever she comes onto the screen, and growls at John Smith. I think he's jealous. I am so not ready for my two year old to have crushes on anyone, let alone a woman who jumps off dangerously high cliffs and talks to small furry animals.

  5. Congratulations on the new babies! Daniel has had three new cousins in the past month (a set of twins and one singleton), so he's in his glory right now. In fact, it's temporarily distracting him from the puppy he so badly wants. I hope Max and Sabrina have fun with their new cousins.
    Sabrina is an incredibly beautiful child, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. Every time I see that gorgeous curly hair and those beautiful eyes, I can't help smiling. I don't blame you for wanting to tell her to say something back to the little brat... I mean, girl.
    As for the snoring, we're in the same boat. Case in point: Hubby was so loud last night that I woke up on the couch.
    As for my confession, I had an awful meeting at Daniel's school last week. It seems that he's becoming bored with his schoolwork, as he's doing things at home that are academically beyond what he's doing at school (for example, they're tracing letters when he already knows how to write). That, combined with the fact that his self - esteem has taken a HUGE blow lately as he's become more aware that physical skills are much harder for him than they are for his classmates, has apparently caused him to act out a little. I spoke to him about his behavior, and that really should have been the end of it if the principal hadn't blown things out of proportion. I mentioned to his teachers and the principal how heartbroken I was that he was coming home and saying that everyone makes him feel stupid. The principal immediately launched into a rant about how my child is an "unmotivated student" (he's FOUR YEARS OLD!) and how unacceptable it is for him to act out simply because he's bored. She actually used the word "foolish" when describing about how ridiculous she thought it was for a child who can read and write to act up in school. She completely missed the point and was extremely offensive in so many ways. I'll confess that I had to literally bite my tongue from calling her an ignorant (expletive) and storming out of her office.

  6. Have another baby Ellen...they are WONDERFUL!

    I am still giggling at yesterdays post about Max's new feature on his board!

    I've been having a tough time...I can't even begin to tell you what is bugging me...although at this current second it is the HUGE snowflakes that are falling! I am sooooooooooo sick of snow!

  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I cannot believe you outted Judy!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!!!

  8. I husband was snoring so badly the other night I went to the couch...argh!

    Also, I have to confess that our receptionist that stinks so bad and cannot do anything, must be let go. That may seem unprofessional, but she is driving me cuckcoo

  9. So, thanks to Aunt Judy for committing to buying chocolate. Given that she will be eating for two, I am going to pawn of all the other chocolate I order.

    Thanks for the snoring-husband empathy and the DVD perspective, I am glad Max is not yet hooked on Monsters Inc or Pocahontas.

    Felicia, I hope you get a break--ask. You deserve it. And maybe yellow IS the answer! Although there are many, many shades of yellow. :)

    Kate: I hope Gavin did not notice the kale, cleverly disguised by banana. Please do not send me that recipe!

    Johanna, I am sorry about what happened at Daniel's school with the principal, that sounds absolutely maddening! She clearly needs to better grasp the whole situation.

    Sarah, spring is coming! Hold on!!!

  10. Ha Ha! I have some confessions on my site today, too.
    My daughter also said she wanted a "flat belly" and we told her that although it's perfect, she can keep it flat with healthy food. She now asks if certain foods will "make me flat"!

  11. LOL. We're on a Wall-E kick right now too. Personally, I'm not at the end of wanting to see it yet. For me, I'm thankful that I don't have various lines from the movie ringing in my head at night before I finally fall asleep. There's enough dead robot space/speak to keep that from happening.

    As for a third child...if you decide to do that, prepare to have your world rocked for a while! (smiles).

  12. Ellen, you seriously crack me up.

    I confess that I bet with my husband $100, that the paed would not call back about tests results Ivy has just had done.
    He called this afternoon (the paed). Do you think it would be wrong to just forget to tell my husband he won the bet?

    Yeah, me too.


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