Friday, February 6, 2009

Road trip!

After my Monday post about how having kids changes you, the reality that I'm not as spontaneous as I used to be has been bugging me. And so, we are going on a road trip tonight. We'll travel a few hours, stay at a Marriott using points Dave racked up on business trips then hit a major aquarium we've never visited before.

I know, we are so wild and crazy.

The kids are both into aquariums; Max stands there, mesmerized, in front of the fish tanks. One of his favorite things at Disneyworld was eating at the Coral Reef restaurant, which had a larger-than-life tank, and watching divers floating around it, feeding the fish and dolphins. Sabrina and I were both fascinated by a giant electric eel at a local aqarium this summer, the thing was like 10 feet long and downright evil-looking. Sabrina was especially excited to see Nemo in another tank.

Me, I could stand there all day watching jellyfish, it's like being high. And I think penguins are just about the most adorable creatures ever. And I like picking up the starfish and stuff in the interactive areas. And, uh, I think I may like aquariums even more than the kids.

What are some of your favorite places to go with the kids? Share!


  1. Hmmmm. . . places with the kids? Personally, I take Charlie wherever, which can include expensive restaurants and museums. Road trips, however, woud not be high on my list.

    Have fun!

  2. I've kept fish, saltwater and freshwater since I was about 12.. At 16 or so, I maintained my own 125g reef aquarium... I still have a 75g reef system.

    Fish can be very calming to children; thats why many doctors offices have aquariums.

    You could drop me at the aquarium and just leave, I could live their... I can also ID most fish on my own. The one in your photo is an angelfish of some sort, but I don't know the family.

    If I would have continued in school, I would have majored in Marine Biology.

  3. I love aquariums! I could stare at them for hours!

  4. Are you going to Mystic??????????
    If so, please report on it! Tony and I have been wanting to take the same road trip! I want to go there so bad!

    Have a GREAT time!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    We recently spent a morning at our city aquarium. They've just opened an amazing Antarctic penguin exhibition. I could have stayed all day to watch ;-).

    Locally, fave places are parks (any 'new' playground visits are particularly exciting!), the pool and the library.

    We've done quite a few rail trips rather than road trips. And for those, the destination isn't really important, it's just that the boys LOVE trains ;-). However, we are off to Sydney at the end of the month, so will report about that.

    Have fun!

  6. I JUST literally went to the Aquarium yesterday with Gabriella! She LOVES it there, so much in fact that for Christmas we received an annual membership there from my parents!
    Aquariums are sooo relaxing and fun and beautiful! And at ours there are monkeys haah Gabi's FAVORITE animal..among Turtles. So other than awuariums in the summer we're beach bums. Those are our favorite pastimes!! :)

  7. That sounds like tons of fun! My older child likes to go anywhere he can run.

  8. We love taking random road trips! Thankfully my children are a bit older now (11,10,6) and so we can explore more. Our favorite places are out of the way parks. Simply love getting out and walking through the woods. The back of my mini van looks like a suitcase with all the extra towels and clothes

  9. Connor loves the aquarium for two reasons.

    The first is the bubbles. He will completely ignore all of the fish in the tank and stare in fascination at the bubbles rising out of the filtration system. He reminds me a little bit of that fish in "Finding Nemo."

    The second is the sting rays. For some reason, Connor is convinced that all of the sting rays are his best friends. He signs to them. He sings to them. He tries to "love butt" them through the glass, often with disastrous results. There's just something about them that makes him happy.

    My favorite place to go with Connor? The playground is always a safe bet. He loves the swings. We also like going to those restaurants where they grill things at your table. Connor has what is probably an unhealthy preoccupation with fire, so he always enjoys that.


  10. You are so wild and crazy! I love it! Can't wait to see the pics!

  11. Loved hearing about your hangouts! About to post photos, we had a great day. I may need to stop posting so late—I wrote a tag that said "Special needs child blob." Giggle.

  12. The photo's turned out great. Love the hippo. The kids in my class like nothing better than going for an outing in a vacant block of land to collect bugs. Lucky me!

  13. Sorry I disappeared for a while. But I'm glad to be back reading your posts.

    You GO! We haven't really done any trips with the kids. The zoo, the local (very expensive) aquarium. The trains. Okay, maybe a 1 1/2 hour road trip to ride a steam train was the longest. We're waiting until our youngest is a little older. I can't wait though.


Thanks for sharing!

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