Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Confessional: So, this woman walks into her boss's office with spaghetti on her shirt...

That's not the start of a bad joke. It's what happened to me the other day.

It was a particularly crazy morning at my house. I rarely leave myself enough time to get ready for work, so it's always this mad rush-rush-rush of plopping the kids down to watch Jack's Big Music Show, showering, indulging my brow-tweezing obsession for a few minutes (I'd probably stop to do that if I were running out of a house on fire), throwing on clothes and makeup, passing the kids over to the babysitter and zooming off to make my train. But that morning, I had a couple of bills to pay. I needed to put away some clean laundry the kids were somehow using as skates. And I never take time to eat at home but I was ravenous, so I grabbed a container of leftover spaghetti from the fridge and shoveled down a few forkfuls.

I walked into the office of one of my bosses shortly after I got to work.

"You have a noodle on your shirt," she said, matter-of-factly.

I looked down. There it was, a random piece of spaghetti hanging out on my chest. Not the entire loop of it, but a definite piece of one. I was about to make a joke about the spaghetti brooch I'd inherited from my grandmother but instead just muttered something about my busy morning (and, now that I'm pondering this, what DID I do with that noodle? Did I flick it onto her carpet? That's even less wise than walking around with a noodle on your shirt).

Curse you, Ronzoni.

I really need to wake up a little earlier.

Photo from istock/Kuricheva Ekaterina (surprise, that's actually not me)


  1. Too funny!

    I have done something similar, only it was strained peas. They did not match my outfit-- total color clash. I should have gone for the carrots.


  2. That is too funny.....But it's a kind of morning that EVERYBODY has had at some point......but a different story whether or not they would admit gave me a smile this Monday morning!

    Have a great day!

  3. I was running an early intervention playgroup and one of the kids at the program threaded me a necklace made out of coloured pasta, which I proudly wore that morning and forgot to take off, when I went to the doctor's office later that day.
    I was rather frazzled having had a particularly difficult, busy day. By the time the doctor was running 45 minutes late, I was in an almost catatonic state of relaxation, when a woman in the chair opposite me smiled and asked, 'Did your little one make that for you?' I looked down at the necklace and replied 'No, my kids are teenagers now.'
    She looked at me stunned. You could hear her mind ticking away. She was thinking,’ Oh my goodness this woman likes wearing noodle necklaces!’
    I was just too tired to elaborate.
    My doctor shared offices space with a psychiatrist and I could tell by the look on the woman’s face that she thought she knew who I was waiting to see.
    Everyone should have a good pasta story, don’t you think?

  4. I'm wishing I had a good pasta story to share! ;)

    Elijah still spits up quite often, so I'm usually covered in something more, um...yucky.

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  5. ha ha! I am the WORST about getting up early. I am so wiped out by the time the morning comes that my morning routine normally consists of rolling out of bed, putting up a pony tail, and running out the door! I look fabulous!!!

  6. This is a good one! I don't know how I could top it. Stuff some granola bags in your purse and eat them on the train next time!

  7. Ha - great story! I probably would have picked the noodle off my shirt and ate it - I love pasta and would hate to see it go to waste!

  8. I spent all last week with various kids' breakfasts' on my shirt/pants. The key is to look blankly back at people "why no, I was not aware that I had eggs and biscuit on my shirt. The real question is, why were you looking???"

    Blank stare. It's all about the blank stares.

  9. Oh that's so funny ;-). Thanks for giving me a good morning giggle! Let me tell you day about the time I left the house with a bra around my waist....


  10. It's a shame that you're only getting to know me now. Now, I receive therapists in my PJ's and don't even bother to apologize. In my former life I once taught an entire class with a gaping hole in my pants. Let me go find the link:!51414C8D4013F49B!4354.entry Priceless kind of day.

  11. No worries! I actually got all the way to work this morning before realizing I completely forgot to put on any make-up. Luckily I had the essentials in my gym bag in my car!

    Gotta love Mondays!

  12. Well, clearly, I am not alone with the food-as-fashion-accessory thing! Dianne, I think we would all LOVE to hear about the time you left the house with your bra around your waist. Katy, I want to read your story, but it wasn't on the page of posts on that link (or perhaps I have pasta brain), though it was interesting to read about Charlie's early days.

  13. Well a laugh I needed and I got it from you!! You crack me up! I guess a noodle is better than the time I went into work after holding one of my little ones in the morning and when I got to work was told....."uuum you're got vomit on your back!" Well now, that's embarrassing.....

  14. LOL. Not really, but imagine, you made it all that way and the noodle just hung on for dear life! LOL.

    What did you do with it?


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