Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let's have a little fun today!

You know, as opposed to all those other days when I depress you or numb your brain with blather about my children's hair looking like Chewbacca's or insult my mother-in-law or whatnot. I'm borrowing the following idea from Debbie over at Finding Normal, I love her voice and sense of humor. On Mondays she does something called "Monday Madness." My unbelievably unique take on it is to play the game...on a Thursday. Here's how it goes: I post a question, the first commenter answers it, then comes up with a NEW question. Second commenter answers that question, and comes up with a NEW question. Third person answers and comes up with a NEW question. And so on and so on. Shout out to all of you people who read my blog and never speak up, this here's your chance to do so—in ten words or less.

Sorry, I have no prizes to give away for originality or anything. Unless you'd like to win a mother-in-law.

Let's go! Snooze button or no snooze button?


  1. Hi Ellen,ingcw
    No stinkin' snooze buttons.Throw it across the room and be done with it
    New question: Hot sauce on food, or lots of black pepper and spices?
    (Tag you are it)-Barbara

  2. Black Pepper & Spices

    Hamburger or Cheeseburger?

  3. Oh I would so love a cheeseburger right now! Swiss with sauteed mushrooms and onions and all the fixin's...too bad Victoria can't have dairy or beef...or wheat for that matter (the bun!)

    Granny panties or sexy skivies???

  4. granny panties. (comfort over fashion)

    shower or bath?

  5. I'd love to take a bath but with 2 small children, can only take a shower!

    Coffee or tea?

  6. Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening.

  7. Tea. Light and refreshing, like lemonade in summer.

    Gloves or mittens?

  8. Gloves. I really needed mine this morning, it was 9 degrees!

    Peanut or plain M and M's?

  9. Can't we have both kinds of m&ms?

    How about Summer or Winter?

  10. Summer! I hate the winter, and would move to Hawaii if I could.

    White wine or red?

  11. White wine, the sweeter the better. :)

    Digital or film?

  12. I suppose the answer should be digital, for those of us who are up to speed with all the latest technology. Right now I don't even own a camera, but my husband does, and it definitely seems like digital is easier and you have many more options with it.

    Glasses or contac lenses?

  13. Glasses, I couldn't stand having something stuck on my eye!

    Books or TV?

  14. Books if I can get some quiet time!

    Milk or juice?

  15. Milk! I know, bizarre, I still love the stuff. Skinny Cow rocks.

    Brad Pitt or Jake Gyllenhaal?

  16. Neither. Brad has hygiene issues and Jake is too young even for an old cougar! How about a nicely well-seasoned older guy for the Granny Caregiver readers?

    Chocolate or vanilla>

  17. Hi from miami! Way not warm enough here this week. Fun game!

    Vanilla! But chocolate will work too!

    Pizza crust: Thin or thick??

  18. Thick crust.

    Take out or home cooked meal?

  19. Home cooked all the way!

    We've got to do SOMETHING with all the veggies from the CSA in the summer.

    Morning Bird or Night Owl?

  20. Perfect question for me! Night Owl!

    Hmmmm. . . a question. . . Coke or Pepsi?

  21. This night owl needs a Coke to keep her awake, because she is still doing work and it's midnight!


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