Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sweet-potato pie and stuffing, stuffing, stuffing (did I mention stuffing?)

Peace-on-earth sweet potato pie

I was enjoying a looong shower today (it's my birthday, that was my big request) and I heard that boppy song from A Charlie Brown Christmas on the shower radio—you know, the one where all the kids are doing a happy dance around the piano. That song always makes puts me in a good mood—you, too?

It was a beautiful day.

We had our first fire in the outdoor fireplace.

Max ate straight from the gravy dish—we had to let him!

Sabrina fed Max.

We ordered a bunch of side dishes from Whole Foods. My mother-in-law, her boyfriend, Phil, and his son, Jeremy, brought the turkey, the above good-looking (and tasting) sweet potato pie and mushroom stuffing. I basically had the stuffing for dinner. Sabrina loves turkey. Max is all about sweet-potato anything. When he was a baby, he ate so much of the Gerber pureed sweet potatoes that his skin turned a lovely shade of orange.

Hope everyone had a fab day, too. What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?


  1. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin everything!! The more the merrier. I have even managed to find pumpkin fudge and pumpkin spice flavored coffee. Of course, stuffing is yummy also.

  2. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, so I can't offer a favourite dish ;-) but happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    Looks like you had a special day! Great pics.

  3. Hi Love its me, When will you have a pic of me on your blog!!!! But it is very interesting and I love you!!!!!

  4. Find sweet potato ice cream for Max. I'm almost certain someone has it.


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