Thursday, November 6, 2008

Max talks the talk

To the wise nothingbuteverything and the anonymous poster who advised me to take the initiative with playdates for Max, in response to yesterday's post about Max's minimalist social life: You are so right! Thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments, it's nice to know people are reading this thing.

Tonight, I was supposed to take Sabrina to the dentist, only I missed the train that would have gotten me home in time. When I called to tell Sabrina we weren't going to the dentist, I figured she'd be psyched. "BUT MOOOOOOOMMMMMY," she said, sounding like I had just told her I was giving all her toys away to the neighbors, "YOU SAAAAID WE WERE GOOOOOOING TO THE DENTIST." I couldn't believe it—she minded not going to the dentist? What is wrong with these kids, anyway? When I got home, I jokingly called her a little drama queen. "No, Mommy," she said, pouting. "I'm a PRINCESS."

Man, the stuff that comes out of her mouth. At my worst moments, I sit around wondering what Max would have sounded like if he were able to talk like other five-year-olds can. The fact that Max can say any words is a miracle, since part of his brain damage is in the area that controls speech. A couple of years ago, his neurologist told us that he thought Max was bright enough to talk. He has major physiological challenges—his brain's not sending the right signals to his tongue, and then his poor, little, stressed-out tongue already has its own issues (he can't manipulate it quite right). The neurologist told us that when Max spoke he'd sound like a deaf person talking and sure enough, that's how he sounds, just maybe just a little less clear. Like Marlee Matlin. Drunk.

Anyway, for the record, here are his words: Max, me, Ma, Daddy, Linnette, Aunt Judy, no (this he can say really clearly, of course!), yes, more (especially when chocolate pudding is involved), Lightning McQueen (sounds like "highening ickean!"), truck, airplane, egg, ice cream, rain, beach house, and, oh, yes, jeans.

What has your child done lately that's amazed you?
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  1. Having been nagged to post I will do so now b/c in today's entry's photo Max is holding the microphone we gave him (& Sabrina) for their b-days last year! :)
    I am reading this- every day (night) & each time I do I continue to be blown away by what an awesome Mom (& amazing writer) you are! xoxoxo- anon. ;)

  2. Anonymous, you're the best. Thanks for getting past your techphobia and showing the love. xo

  3. BC's speech is similarly very affected and I too often wonder what he'd have to say if only he could get the words out ;-). And yes, the words 'More' and 'No' are two he perfected pretty early on!

    It's great that Max has so many words so far - and I am sure there will be many more to come

    BC has a handful of words, but my MOST favourite is one he came up with quite recently. The word is quite useless in his day to day life, yet I am amused and thrilled that he can say it so clearly - the word? 'Ikea'. Hmmm. Maybe I do take him shopping a little too often?

  4. "Ikea" is a great word! Any word our kids say is a great word. Honestly, if Max opened up his mouth tomorrow and said "F*** you" I would be the most excited mother ever. :)

  5. Oh, I like you Ellen ;-). I'd be equally thrilled to hear bad language (any language!) coming from my son's mouth ;-).


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