Friday, November 14, 2008

Max is famous! Well, kinda sorta

I just got an e-mail from the Assistant Director/Principal at Max's absolutely amazing school, PG Chambers. They are doing a series of guest lectures called Menus For The Mind as a fundraiser; Jenny McCarthy is going to be speaking in May. Yesterday's speaker was Arianna Huffington, the genius behind my (and many people's) favorite news site, Check out the video above! Max is in the striped green/blue shirt, pushing a red ball around during a PT session and looking like his usual happy-camper self. And he closes the video, too.

Here's the article on the visit:

And here's what the principal had to say about the visit—how could I not brag?
"Max was having a great PT session with Janel and he totally enthralled the group. So much they wouldn’t leave the mini gym! He certainly knows how to play the camera."

Max has been charming people since he was a baby. It's one of his many talents.

Can you just feel my pride radiating from the screen?!


  1. Ther is no doubt that Max was the star of the video. It's amazing that he wasn't even shy - right up at the camera with his adorable smile!

  2. Yeah Max! I could just eat him up! You should be beaming with pride!

    Can't wait until he meets Jenny McCarthy...I think she is wonderful, and absolutely hilarious! Jonathan will be totally envious of Max...if you know what I mean...

  3. What a great video! I can see that Max has a career planned ahead of him ;-) - he loved the camera and it loved him right back!
    You must be so proud.
    It also looks like a great school!

  4. Yes, you are all correct: Max has a future as a babe-chasing actor.

  5. Aunt Judy here, also very proud. Max is definitely a charmer - anyone who meets him is instantly drawn to his sweet smile and endearing personality.

  6. Thanks for sharing your stroies.. He is such a little ham in the camera - so cute! xo Amy

  7. Hello,

    You will always cherish this little video.

    Max is such a cutie.

    I love Huffington Post.



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