Friday, November 7, 2008

Stressed much?

I have discovered the secret to staying calm: hang out with someone who is losing it. This dawned on me when I watched a person literally curse out a computer. Suddenly, I felt amazingly composed and relaxed even though I'd been having a Bad Day.

This is not how things typically go when I'm with my husband, Dave, who is exceptionally calm (except for the one time he got all agitated when I had a kidney stone pass while we were at a deli—it kind of feels like childbirth, but worse—and I made him leave for the hospital before he'd gotten his pastrami sandwich and he asked, as I was standing there gasping in pain and turning bright red, if we could at least get it to go, not that I hold a grudge, you know). When I get overexcited about something, Dave remains exceptionally calm, which gets me over-overexcited.

Some other stuff that keeps me sane: playing hide-and-go-seek with the kids (they are so amused by this game each and every time that it is impossible to not be amused, too); reading The Onion; going out for coffee and carrot cake with Dave; actually calling friends instead of e-mailing; watching practically anything on HGTV (except Simply Quilts); blogging (hi, blog!); looking through old photos of the kids; going for a walk-trot around our neighborhood; methodically rubbing out stains on my clothing with a Tide To Go stick, very Zen.

What works for you?


  1. What IS it about HGTV that makes people feel so calm? It makes me want to tear my house apart!!!! Zen is my dog, who is eternally optimistic. You can not look at her face without smiling, which I assume is why the Obamas are getting a puppy. It is going to be STRESSFUL. Here's to a Superzen Saturday.


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