Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My post-baby body

In breaking news, Sabrina looked at my stomach tonight and pronounced, "It's round." Yep, got that message. Just in time for our annual Thanksgiving feast!

My stomach, never my most firm body part, hasn't recovered from my two c-sections. A few months ago, I read a survey in which 88 percent of 500 women polled said that even if they'd lost the baby weight, they were never able to reclaim their pre-baby stomach. In the same survey, 54 percent of women said they were "jealous" of celeb moms who instantly bounced back post-baby. Not all do; in celebland, it's called the "post-baby bump" and the ever-dogged paparazzi nailed poor Halle and Nicole shortly after they gave birth.

If I looked one-tenth as good as they did after I'd had a baby, I'd have nothing to bitch about. I've been trying to work more sit-ups into my life, though I don't beat myself up about it. It helps that Dave has a post-pregnancy bump, too (love you and your belly too, honey)! Give it up here: What's the state of your stomach?


  1. Not where I want it to be, but trying:)

  2. Oh dear...

    My stomache was stretched beyond believe. I literally have stretchmarks all the way up my belly that stop about 2 inches under my boobs. Nice. And it isn't just one or two, it is all the way across. The stretchmarks at the bottom...lets just say after 3 kids there are no longer many stretchmarks, it is pretty much one giant one. I am amazed (really I am) that my skin didn't actually split, as it is so thin in some areas. Yuck.

    Everyone told me that my 'kitty belly' would go away with time and exercise. I hate to say it, but lose saggy skin doesn't disappear with exercise. I can lose the fat, but the skin will remain.

    Spanx. I have a pair, I think I need to pick up a few more.

  3. Hee, hee, hee. Fun post.

    Since I haven't had a baby, I'll just comment on my friend's bellies:

    My tall, skinny pre-baby friend has the same stomach as before.

    My mother of four friend says she has a big belly but she really doesn't.

    My friend with three girls who rollerblades every morning looks like she never had kids.

    I hope you all have a GOOD Thankgiving!


  4. I've actually done really well since Elise has been born and I weigh less than I have since high school BUT the two sections have had their toll. Not all is toned and taut.

    I think it does help that I never got HUGE having only made it to 28 weeks and 33 weeks with the girls.

  5. My belly is a constant source of frustration for me. It just won't do what I tell it to - which is mostly 'BE FLAT!!!!'.

    But then again, I never had a flat tummy even before babes, so I guess I'm fighting a losing battle.

    BUT I am about to start up Pilates - largely to help save my back from all the heavy lifting I do with BC who weighs 14 kgs now and is only going to get heavier - BUT I also hear very promising things about what it might do for my tummy too..... but I am not holding my breath (I only do that to zip my jeans up ;-)).

  6. WHAT??? my tummy? am I still suppose to have one? I'm trying to mentally block it out. Mine is horrible after having 5 kids, plus going from overweight to some overweight! My tummy will haunt me forever. Of course if there is some rich person who wants to donate money to me for a full body tuck...I'll take you up on that one!! But for now, I just avoid the mirrors!! Great post.


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