Monday, July 13, 2009

Go, Max, goooooooooooooo


Here's Max burning rubber on his new tractor, which was recommended to us by his physical therapist at school.

Steering is a new skill for Max, and he's gotten a lot better at it even in the course of a week. (Nobody get their panties in a twist, I got the helmet on him right after I shot the video.)

I am amazed by the sight of this. It put me on a high all weekend; I kept thinking, "Max is steering! Max is steering!" and "Maybe now he can learn to drive himself to therapy!" Ha, ha.

It's not just that steering shows he's getting better with arm-muscle control—it's another step toward independence.

When Max was little-little, there were a lot more accomplishments—big and small—to celebrate. As he's gotten older, the accomplishments are more spaced apart, but they tend to be pretty significant and awe-inspiring.

Max. Is. Speed.


  1. So exciting! Go Max Go!

    You probably won't be nearly as excited about this when he starts asking for your keys in a few years.


  2. Awesome! We are working on getting Evan to pedal and steer his tricycle too. He is at a frustrating stage though and keeps telling me that I should do it for him instead of him learning to do it himself.

  3. Wow Max is awesome! I love the tractor too.

  4. Oh how exciting! Don't you just love the accomplishments!

  5. I love the center of gravity on that tractor--just the thing!

    Hey, the way Max is progressing by leaps and bounds, you might be playing Miss Daisy in your dotage!

    What swell footage!

  6. That is so awesome!!!! Go, MAX, GO! I totally get how HUGE this is. YAY!!!!!!

  7. WOW Max! Thanks for posting've shown me the future (I hope)!

  8. Ellen,
    YEEAAAHHHHHHH, for Max! He is soo freaking cute, driving that thing!

  9. Go Max Go. His steering is great. Elizabeth learned how to ride her tricycle last month and it is so cool.

  10. That is so great! The way he turned around made it look efforless. I love the smile on his face!

  11. As he gets better at steering, you might consider getting a few big orange cones for him to steer around. It will get him to work on both arms, especially if he seems to always turn in the same direction. It's also fun, and if he runs into the cones, no harm.

  12. Wow. That's so great!! He is not only steering, but showing excellent control. Barely a wobble in sight! And his feet were really pumping.

    Thanks for sharing. It's made my day ;-).

  13. That is so great!

    Reminds me of the day my daughter learned to operate her Cooper Car with the help of a Big Red adaptive switch. That was years ago, but I will never forget the moment and how excited I was.

    Congrats on the accomplishment and go, Max, go!

  14. Barbara from BostonJuly 14, 2009 at 1:26 AM

    This helps him work on balance, pedaling,eye hand coordination, independence, self esteem, the wisdom of perseverance-not afraid to keep trying, future use of a bike or (adult) trike etc,etc. Congrats to you both

  15. So exciting! I love to see videos of the boy! It is so amazing how far he has come Ellen! I feel like a beaming mother and it isn't even my child!

  16. Very cool Max...
    Ellen are you aware of AMBUCS AMBUCS is a disabilities group and maker of the AmTryke... A bike for disabled kids.. (They are also a team sponsor for one of our Tee Ball teams)... =)


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