Friday, March 3, 2023

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up is up and at 'em

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  1. Thanks for continuing to offer this for the community, Ellen. We miss hearing updates about Max and your family and hope you are all doing well.

    - Ab. (My Life with T)

    1. Hi! All is good and one of these days, I will post. I hope you and your family are good.

  2. Didn't realize you aren't posting anymore (besides the link up). Hope all is well. Best wishes.

  3. Hello everyone:

    The father and daughter who were brought together by a stroke were Martin Imber whose family were Holocaust survivors and Amantha Imber [who got named Amantha because her Mother didn't like Anthea but still wanted to name her something close to that] who is an industrial and organisational psychologist of some repute.

    Martin had had a stroke some years ago and he found his emotional and empathetic side - in no small part thanks to his daughter.

    This story is a *Two of Us* in the GOOD WEEKEND.

    Another story which impressed me was Fiona Murphy's deep dive into the work of Nat Bartsch who makes lullabies and neoclassical work especially over the past five years. She and her husband Jeremy are a proudly neurodivergent family who you can read more about in WE'VE GOT THIS - the anthology by Eliza Hull [and I did indeed read part of said anthology in 2022].

    In the theatre world there is Kate Mulvany who brings a new perspective to French actress of the 19th century Sarah Bernhardt - who in turn took the risk of making Hamlet a teenager instead of a 30-year-old and brought other aspects to Hamlet's physicality and mentality.

    Rare Disease Day was 28 February or 1 March 2023. It was so good to read Ravlic on his form of hypothyroidism and how it is so often missed - and how general practitioners seem to know nothing [or really not very much more than the rest of us]!

    Some of you may listen to a podcast called RAISING GOOD HUMANS by Aliza and she went into the research literature on parental preference. I knew from other sources that there are such things as attachment hierarchies [from a company called WaterWipes and another campaign called Return Ready]. And two or three people - even the dyad - does not an attachment hierarchy make?

    What a wonderful moment. Any Valentine of Max's is a Valentine of ours.

    Loved reading your sporting posts Rob and Ab

    [as well as the one about the dumplings in the hotpot].

    It does seem that gambling is one of the few non-discriminating industries [as opposed to one which is anti-discrimination and anti-ableist].

    STAND UNDER MY UMBRELLA really is an earworm - and how wonderful to know that Rihanna is pregnant!

    Also a New York Times story about preterm birth during the years of COVID-19 in the high-income and upper-middle-income nations - how Denmark and Ireland had so few - the USA is still so much an outlier in many aspects of maternal and infant health - as much as China and India are in their spheres.

    SWEET DREAMS is another fabulous song - really got into it in October 2001 after a few radio edits did not reveal its awesomeness. Eurythmics are brilliant especially Annie Lennox.

    Adelaide Dupont

  4. Lisa Lightner:

    I know that during the northern winter and spring there is a lot of rumbling about Individual Education Plans - and the roles of educational support assistants/paraprofessionals/aides, as post 174 shows.

    On Diary of a Mom's Facebook for instance a lot of aides over the country had not been allowed to come to meetings - and then you explain what they are needed for educationally. "It is a communication issue - not a meeting issue".

    Thank you, too, for all the great low-tech assistive technology items and information.

    I am wondering just when that Assistive Technology Act was drawn - if it was before the Americans with Disabilities Act or eight years later. With all the reauthorisations.

    The law does take time to catch up with society and with technology, doesn't it, Lisa?

    PS: I read those 4 toxic words - and the relationship a lot of families have with "legal/illegal" and "violation" - administrative and civil laws are very different from the criminal laws people are familiar with.

    It is like the difference between hurt and wrong - and also the tort world.

    Adelaide Dupont


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