Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: It's cold out there, but warm here

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  1. Turns out the Florida Legoland is already a Certified Autism Center and New York's Legoland will be one by the 31st of March when it re-opens. [From the USA Today article - that will teach me NOT to flip through the first few paragraphs].

    Adelaide Dupont

  2. I am sure Alex went to Japan either a few weeks ago or a few months ago.

    If the post about it was yesterday or the day before yesterday, I am sure I have forgotten all about it.

    Adelaide Dupont
    who may or may not be in a February fog

  3. Correct author of TODDLER TWIN BEDS: Claywell [I had written Chalkley].

    Kasten really did write REALISTIC BABY DOLLS; Chalkley wrote about INFANT COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT and Bannister about BEDWETTING ALARMS.

    [Congratulations to Kasten for her pregnancy and new child].

    Adelaide Dupont


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