Friday, January 6, 2023

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Here's to a great new year

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Like this: Steve Tyler feeds a child with disabilities and the Internet explodes

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  1. Dear ones,

    looking for a really good URL shortener because [the one I would normally use once a fortnight - and in other circumstances] is not co-operating. As it told me "No healthy upstream" - and I am not one to fight an upside-down river when I cannot flow with it!

    The long link is about the Emigre Griots and how Blues evolved as a genre in the Southern United States. It is written by Mark Folkstog from Mark's text terminal.

    So while I look for shorteners - or perhaps you would recommend some good ones! - I will put the "shorter" and related links in.

    I wish you a happy Gregorian New Year [and Epiphany in the Protestant and Catholic calends - New Year in the Eastern Orthodox]

    and a wide sky and a full moon and days of whatever weather and climate,

    Adelaide Dupont


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