Saturday, November 19, 2022

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up is back

What to do if you're new  

This is a place to share a recent favorite post you've written or read. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post. Where it says "Your name" put the name of the blog followed by the title of the post you want to share (or just the name of the post, if there's no room—you get 80 characters).

Like this: Steve Tyler feeds a child with disabilities and the Internet explodes

Where it says "Your URL" put the direct link to the post.

Click "Enter." Leave a comment if you want to say more. Go check out some great posts.


  1. Have you seen this? Thought Ben might still qualify:

    1. Thank you for letting us at the Link-up know about the PJ Library community.

      Yes - Ben turned 7 this year [so will qualify for the newborn-8 programme]. This October.

      [or he could wait a year or two for the 9-12].

      What a great and thoughtful idea!

      Other Jewish families and children who don't know about it would really like to know.

      [Evergreen and Tests November-December 2022 - you have a very interesting advertising broker!]

      [if you were putting it into the Link-Up - I would advise - trim the link!]

      Adelaide Dupont

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