Friday, October 15, 2021

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: post it!

What to do if you're new  

This is a place to share a recent favorite post you've written or read. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post. Where it says "Your name" put the name of the blog followed by the title of the post you want to share (or just the name of the post, if there's no room—you get 80 characters).

Like this: Love That Max: Someone's child has a speech delay—do you say something? 

Where it says "Your URL" put the direct link to the post.

Click "Enter." Leave a comment if you want to say more. Go check out some great posts.

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  1. In THE WRITTEN ADDICTION [which is one of workplace mental health promoter Samuel Ali's many finds] the author, Ben, talks about how his beliefs influenced him in his 5 October post BEING TRUE TO SELF:

    "“In a sense, I was never a real person. Or, at least I was not a real person at that time. I was a stupid kid. I was the sum of all my external descriptions which meant that I was a hoodlum or criminal or convict or thief. I was the idea that I was learning disabled and so therefore, at best, I would never be able to be a successful member of society. Meanwhile, none of this was me. None of this was true—however, there was a belief system that told me this was true, which means this has to be true.”"


Thanks for sharing!

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