Friday, October 1, 2021

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  1. Hello! Happy October!

    Here is what Athena Walker wrote about her family, especially her parents [and why it is neither wise nor worthwhile to identify psychopathy in a child - particularly through the medical models we have now]:

    "“One, they taught me delay of gratification. It took a long time of course and I was constantly looking for a route to the end game that cut out the work involved, but they were dogged in their determination.
    Two, they were heavily invested in the idea of responsibility. They made sure that if a task was undertaken, it was followed through on. They gave me many chores, and if I wanted to have privileges, I had to attend to them. Due to that I keep a clean house now, I know how to cook, and I am self policing. The last one, self policing, is the most important.
    They instilled in me a sense of do what you need to do before what you want to do. It would have been very easy to give into my tantrums, and I had horrific tantrums when it got me what I wanted, but they refused. I had to learn alternative methods. Psychopathy is a lot like completing an electric circuit. We find the path of the least resistance and take it. They made the responsible way, the path of least resistance.
    Also, they learned quickly that I was punishment immune but extremely reward motivated. That saved them even more grief that they dealt with. They could get me to perform miracles of behavior with rewards, while punishing me was just giving me time to think of how to do something better next time.
    I think about the environment that a lot of children are being raised in, heavily permissive environments, being given everything, and never having to work. This would have been the worst case scenario with me, save for if I had had an abusive family. If I hadn’t learned behavioral restraints, delay of gratification, responsibility, and the ability to require of myself, I would be a nightmare now.”"

    There were elections in Canada and in Germany too this week/fortnight.


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