Thursday, December 31, 2020

Since we've no place to go, let's test-drive a Tesla

Max is obsessed with Teslas, and the other day, Dave surprised him by arranging a test drive. We got to keep it overnight, too. Added bonuses: It was red and had California license plates, where Max would like to live. 

The Tesla people assured us they were doing due diligence in sanitizing cars, and we planned to crack open the windows. Dave and Max went off to pick it up, came home and grabbed Sabrina, and then they all went for a joy ride. 

We would have let Max take a turn at the wheel on our dead-end street, but he declined. For him, just sitting in our driveway and opening and closing the doors was a thrill.  

We drove to Nowheresville the next day, had actual fun recharging the car, and debated whether we would lease one. I don't care that much about what kind of car we have, but I would not be sad to ditch our minivan. Also: Anything new in our lives would be a welcome distraction.

A year ago, I couldn't have imagined that test-driving a car would be such a big adventure. But here we are, finding the fun where we can, focusing on feeling grateful for what we have and trying our best not to drive each other crazy.

Beaming hugs, fun, and all the healthy vibes at you. Here's to a truly happy 2021, friends.


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  2. That is certainly quite a unique adventure. I think the California license plate is a great bonus for Max. Happy new year!

  3. An unlicensed driver (i.e. Max) being in control of the vehicle must have been completely against the test drive agreement. And certainly is illegal. I am all for giving kids opportunities - but blatant breaking of laws or contracts is too much. Maybe time to rethink how far you will go to make Max happy. You are lucky he declined to drive. Max has more common sense than you do.


Thanks for sharing!

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