Tuesday, March 31, 2020

In which Max practices social distancing at home, and it's awesome

For a couple of years now, I've had one teen who rarely likes to come out of her bedroom, and one teen who rarely likes to be in his. Both have left me pondering whether the behavior is OK. It's just not healthy to hole up in a room for any length of time, emerging only for bathroom and meal breaks. But I also wondered why Max never wanted to be alone. It's true, he doesn't read books or text and talk with friends on the phone. Still, Dave and I have hoped that he would grow more independent.

Well, the coronavirus seems to have had at least one positive affect in our household. Because Max has taken to hanging in his room in the afternoon, where he watches videos about fire trucks or Los Angeles. I'm quite sure he's getting a little sick of all of us—there's a fair amount of drama happening here concerning anything from who once again left their half-empty glass of water on the living room shelf (GERMS!!!) to "I need Oreos!!! Who ate the last Oreo?!"  to "My Lego bridge fell down waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"

My game plan is to get Max to practice math and English using IXL, which he's enjoyed before (his school has set up a subscription). I'm also still hoping to get him interested in books online. But in general, I think this social distancing is good. It's a sign of maturity. It's so good to learn to enjoy your own company.

Yes, I may be the rare mom who's glad her teen is hibernating in his room. But yay, progress of all kinds.

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