Thursday, March 19, 2020

15 things nobody ever said before the coronavirus struck


"Can the virus stick to an avocado?"

"Is it bad if I don't disinfect the mail?"

"Kids, finish breakfast and go to your rooms for class."

"Do you think the Amazon workers wear gloves when they pack up boxes?"

"Does anyone we know have an N95 mask?"

"Cant' wait for cocktails tonight after work, see you on Zoom!"

"I could open my own sushi restaurant with the 26 pounds of rice in my pantry."

"The line to get into Costco was only a half hour long this morning."

"Honey, did you Lysol the box that just got delivered?"

"Let's take a walk, just stay six feet away from everyone."

"Could we use Starbucks napkins if we run out of t.p.? Maybe we should start hoarding them. Oh, but that would mean one of us has to go to Starbucks."

"Can the virus stick to your shoes?"

"I just organized my pantry for the sixth time this week."

"I am so over singing Happy Birthday."

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