Tuesday, December 10, 2019

This is seventeen

Seventeen is loving adventures, big and small—going to new restaurants, visiting new cities, seeing shows, whatever. You used to fear going to the mall, and now we can't keep you at home.

Seventeen is being responsible about doing your homework and taking your meds but not so much about going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Seventeen is mastering your own version of the eye roll: head cocked to one side, chin out, one arm tapping a leg.

Seventeen is being a caring and doting brother, but also racing with Ben to be the first to walk in the door anytime we go somewhere together.

Seventeen is announcing "Bad driver!" when someone makes dubious moves on the road, including your own parents.

Seventeen is getting excited about school dances, programs, sports and everything social.

Seventeen is feeling firmly about moving to Los Angeles, so much so that you refuse to call your actual house your home.

Seventeen is wearing a Los Angeles baseball cap everywhere, turned to the side.

Seventeen is the freedom of being able to send text messages from your watch.

Seventeen is getting up by yourself in the morning, walking down the stairs, turning on the TV and chilling by yourself.

Seventeen is being a great reader and proud of it.

Seventeen is advocating for yourself, like when you decided a few months ago that you didn't want the knee-high orthotics, and loving the new shoe inserts.

Seventeen is telling your parents they look nice when they get dressed up but also pointing out when wear the same shirt two days in a row.

Seventeen is being obsessed with eating, especially steak. We never appreciated how cheaply we got off during your mac 'n cheese phase.

Seventeen is texting your parents when they're out to dinner to see how the food is.

Seventeen is having a conversation in the car ride with your mom about your hopes and dreams. (Especially: Los Angeles.)

Seventeen is knowing when you need a hand and asking for it.

Seventeen is making sure your sister gets out the door on time in the morning: "GO! NOW!"

Seventeen is taking walks by yourself around the neighborhood.

Seventeen is remembering stuff your mom spaced out on—say, your evening basketball event—and being pretty darn triumphant about it.

Seventeen is still loving fire stations and insisting on being called "Fireman Max" but no longer demanding that nurses at doctors' offices call you that when they summons you into the exam room.

Seventeen is insisting on going to movies by yourself although on occasion letting Daddy or me accompany you.

Seventeen is getting very excited when someone mentions London or other trips you've taken and happily talking about stuff you did there, like visiting fire stations and eating steak.

Seventeen is telling us that you want to learn to drive and we will find a way because we always do.

Seventeen is proving those gloomy, doom-y NICU doctors wrong every single day.

Seventeen is you, today. Happy Birthday to a young man full of smarts, personality, curiosity, sweetness and sunshine. We love you so, so much, Max.


  1. Happy Birthday, Max!! I can’t believe it’s been 17 years! We’re so proud of you! Enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Birthday Max!!!! Enjoy your MaxDay

  3. Happy Birthday Max! Enjoy your special day!

  4. Happy tears and best wishes! For all the happy adventures ahead... You got this Max!
    (And be patient with your parents Max!)
    Cheers to each of you!


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