Wednesday, November 20, 2019

You'll never guess what's so awesome about this photo

Image: Max standing in kitchen wearing red Chucks

The other night, when I walked in the door from work, Max looked ecstatic. In fact, he did a happy dance, and he was quite light on his feet. Literally. That is because Max has switched
from orthotics that extended up to his calves to ones just for his feet—at his request.

It started when we visited the neurologist back in September. As he was checking out Max's feet, Max noted that he did not like the orthotics. He's had this kind since he was a little kid and while they are pretty thick and clunky they have served him well, stabilizing him when he walked. But the neurologist felt that Max didn't need so much support anymore and his physiatrist agreed.

It's not hard to understand Max's preference to not wear such big, visible orthotics. He is not one to care much about, say, clothing brands, but he still feels the urge to fit in with his peers. Also: these red Chucks are his true love and they won't go over his braces.

Ben giving Max a hand with removing his braces

So we got a prescription for UCBL inserts. They're rigid, plastic arches with deep heel support, named after their birthplace, the University of California-Berkeley Biomechanics Lab. Happy dance for us, they were about one-tenth the price of the other orthotics—we're talking $140. (Our insurance company does not cover durable medical equipment.) Dave and Max picked them up the other day, and Max got to wear them and his Chucks to school, which have until now been reserved for weekends.

And that's why Max was blissful when I got home that night. He was so enamored with his new foot gear he hadn't even wanted to take it off. (He did not sleep in them.)

The orthopedist recommends sneakers with more support; we've used New Balance ones for his other orthotics, size XW. For now, though, we're letting Max revel in wearing his Chucks, and the satisfaction he must feel about advocating for himself.

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  1. I am so so happy Max's feelings were listened to! I stopped wearing braces in 6th grade after years of hating them and getting blisters. Made me so happy. I hope Max is enjoying his ability to wear more shoes!


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