Thursday, November 21, 2019

Send good vibes his way today

This happy little guy is getting surgery this morning. Again. Because the procedure he had around the same time last year to remove the benign malformation on the side of his neck didn't end up getting rid of the whole sucker.

We've been talking a lot about the bump on his neck going away and getting fun stuff to play with at the hospital—someone at work recommended buying a bunch of googly eyes to stick on paper, so I've got a stash of those, and his favorite toys. But I'm worried that now that Ben's been through this once, he'll remember the hard parts: Being really hungry in the morning before going into ER, how confused and hysterical he was when he woke up hours later from the anesthesia, how he kept begging to go home. Hospitals are scary, and a total drag. I'm hoping to avoid an overnight stay this time around, since it turned out he really didn't need one last time. In my professional opinion.

I believe in the collective power of good vibes. So please, send yours my Ben's way.

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