Monday, December 30, 2019

This is how winter break feels for parents, in GIFs

Your child, on day one of break. Right after breakfast.

You, on day one of break. Right after breakfast. 

When your child finishes the art project you figured would take an hour—in approximately
four minutes.

When you leave your child to his own devices and you feel guilty because he played with the same toy for approximately eleventy billion hours.

When you let your children watch TV for approximately eleventy billion hours.

When you give in and let your kids have mac 'n cheese/cookies/spaghetti/Cheetos/whatever for breakfast because after a few days of winter break, you are weak. So weak. 

When you pick your partner's brain about activities and he can't come up with anything better than "Go to the mall!" either.

When the playdate gets cancelled because the other kid is sick. 

When you tell yourself that at least the iPad has educational games. (No matter that your child
is not playing any of them.)

When you start saying things like "Go have a dance contest with yourself!" out of desperation.''

When you fantasize about sitting in peace for just five minutes

When your child is about six days overdue for a nap and won't admit it.

When you feel like you're living through the longest days in the history of the world.

When your children finally go back to school.

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