Monday, August 26, 2019

Service dogs see a show to learn how to behave in theater and other stuff happening out there

A roundup of information, inspiration and stuff to make you smile. Plus: COCONUT CREAM PIE.

Loving the above photo from Canada's Stratford Festival of service dogs at a performance of Billy Elliott hat featured quieter sound effects and lighting for those with special needs, so they could get familiar with theater and know how to navigate crowds. 

Sign language interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego gets a shout out from Twista, one of the world's fastest rappers, for a job well done at a recent concert. 

Surf Style, a popular beachwear company in Florida, features a person Down syndrome for the first time in an ad campaign—16-year-old Ethan Holt—and the Internet goes wild. It was done in collaboration with Help Us Gather, which connects individuals with disabilities to social events in Tampa. 

Great post on Chalkbeat about how the lingo and jargon of IEPs can exclude parents from the IEP process. 

ICYMI: The masks special needs parents wear—sound familiar?

The Peanut Butter Falcon is getting great reviews; the comedy-drama is about a man with Down syndrome who runs away from a residential home to become a wrestler. As my friend Amy Silverman, mom to a daughter with Down syndrome and author of My Heart Can't Even Believe It, says, "See it if you have someone with Down syndrome in your life and even more important, see it if you don't."

A Facebook friend recently made this Coconut Cream Pie, created by Sally's Baking Addiction, and said it was amazing. I mean. 

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