Tuesday, June 4, 2019

But wait: It's another best video ever, ever, ever

I got an important reminder last week about not getting complacent about Max's progress. It started when our sitter attached Ben's bike to Max's bike, and they cruised around. It was an incredible sight.  And then came awesomeness part 2: Max pedaling Ben around, bike trailer attached to his adaptive bike. Again thanks to our sitter, who's new.

The bike trailer has sat in our garage for years, unused since Max and Sabrina were kids. It took another pair of eyes to see that Max was capable of giving his little brother a ride. He even adeptly navigated a sharp turn.

I have every bit of faith in Max's abilities—when he wants to do something, he usually figures out a way. But the bike escapades are a reminder that it's up to me and Dave to keep presenting Max with possibilities.

This weekend, I was asking Ben about the initial ride they tried. "It was fun!" he said. He started talking about one of his friends. "Bennett will come over and My BROTHER will give us a ride," he said, seriously.

Oh, my heart. Ben's growing up seeing Max as the competent and caring (and ocassionally annoying) big brother who can take care of him. If only other people could see the same more often.

I took the boys out last evening, Max again wheeling Ben around in the trailer. Max seemed so proud of himself. We cruised by a group of boys playing. They grinned at Max, he grinned back and I basically grinned the whole way home.



  1. All I can say is Love that Max! You're doing a great job Ellen!

    1. I really cannot take any credit. Our babysitter thought of it, and Max aced it!


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