Thursday, April 4, 2019

Target debuts sensory-friendly gear for kids

A few months ago, I discovered that Target was selling sensory-friendly blankets and I got excited. Yesterday, Target announced they were debuting a sensory-friendly collection with close to 20 pieces, and I got even more excited. The more mass this stuff gets, the better.

The new Pillowfort sensory-friendly line includes fuzzy floor cushions (above); a foam-filled "crash" pad where kids can jump, roll and relax; a hideaway sensory tent; a cocoon seat made of velvet; and weighted blankets for kids weighing 36 to 64 pounds.

This chair with a contoured seat lets kids rock back and forth while they do homework or just chill

The prices are reasonable (it's Target, after all)—but even more so relatively, considering what specialty stores charge for products like these. Fun and Function is one exception; their prices tend to be more reasonable and they have pieces comparable to Target's offerings. 

To be sure, Target is a company that makes stuff to make money; it's not like they're doing this out of the goodness of their corporate hearts. Still, they were the first major store to offer a sensory-friendly clothing line, spearheaded by the mom of a child with autism. Having the option of walking into a store and picking up a sensory-friendly chair for your child instead of being limited to ordering it online is a big deal.

Target's sensory-friendly collection might also come in handy for changing perceptions of children with special needs. Inclusion shouldn't be limited to school, activities and sports. Expanding a children's line to include furniture and gear for children with sensory needs sends the message that they deserve to be included in all parts of life. In a world that often doesn't recognize the unique needs of children and adults with disabilities, every bit of inclusion helps. 


  1. Ellen...
    I always knew I loved Target!! That is one of my very favorite stores to shop at!! In fact, I now consider one of our local Target's cashiers a friend!! {Well, sort of…. I only see her at work}!! Ah, I have spent way too much money at Target!! Go.... Go, Target.... Go!! ;)
    Peace out, Mary Lou

  2. As an adult with multiple sensory issues, I also put forth that having stuff like this in-store, from a store with a famously customer-positive return policy, means that—as happens sometimes, because no two people with sensory challenges are alike—if you buy something and your kid hates it, that’s okay! It’s much easier to try something when you know you can return it if necessary. (I swear that’s why I spend so much at Trader Joe’s: because they accept “I didn’t like the texture” as a reason for returning an open box of cookies.)


Thanks for sharing!

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