Thursday, September 6, 2018

Eating out with your children is so relaxing

"I want to sit there!"

"I'm sitting here!"

"I no sit on chair! Stroller!"

"I'm reallllllly hungry, I'm going to order a lot of stuff, OK?"

"I want steak!"

"I'm reallllllly thirsty, can I get juice?"

"My water on the floor."

"When is the food coming? I'm reallllllly hungry."

"That's too spicy! I no like it!"

"You can have the salmon."

"I love steak!"

"Stop talking so loud! The people at the other table are staring at us!"

"My rice fall down."

"I'm almost finished with my food and I'm still hungry."

"I hold the spoon! Spoon too big! Fork! I want fork! Fork too big!"

"NO CHICKEN. It's disgusting!"

"Hey, why does he get the whole bowl? I want half. Actually, can you order me a bowl of that, too? I'm reallllllly hungry."

"My body needs water!"

"I like lemon!"

"Can I have your napkin?"

"My rice fall down."

"Did you ever notice that rice kind of looks like those little white worms?"


"I all done."

"Ugh, I am so full! My stomach hurts."

"I want cookies."

"Can I have your water, Mommy?"


  1. What kind of restaurant is that? Looks interesting! Looks like Max is doing a great job with the tongs!

    1. Korean food, you cook right on the table. And yes, he loved holding the tongs, although they fought over who got to hold them, too!


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