Thursday, August 16, 2018

What I Did This Summer. By: A special needs mom

What I did this summer:

• Went to work
• Went to the town pool
• Washed all the pool towels and bathing suits, including the towel that was abandoned under the third row of the minivan and whose moldy odor was a total mystery ("WHAT'S THAT SMELL?!!!") until we finally discovered it three weeks later
• Called the insurance company to find out about the status of reimbursement for various therapies for my child
• Told child "No, you can't move to Disney World" approximately eleventy billion times
• Drank iced tea and even had time to add a slice of lemon!
• Got the school forms in early July and tried to ignore them
• Grumbled about having to fill out school forms
• Filled out the school forms
• Went to the beach
• Called the insurance company to ask why they had reimbursed my child's therapists instead of us, even though I had noted on the forms that the bills were paid
• Cleaned the house/shopped for groceries/did more laundry/picked up after everyone/continued to ensure our family could exist
• Went on a couple of weekend getaways
• Observed that all the other families on Facebook were going on way more exotic vacations than we were and came down with a bad case of summer vacation envy
• Called the pharmacy to ask why child's automatic renewal prescription didn't automatically renew
• Saw Incredibles 2 three times because child wanted to
• Preemptively called our district's transportation coordinator to ensure that this year's bus ride to school would not again be one hour and twenty minutes for a ride that should take maybe twenty minutes
• Ate ice-cream
• Booked various specialist appointments for the coming year
• Called the insurance company to find out why a bill sent in three months ago was never reimbursed
• Ate corn and barbecued burgers
• Enjoyed the fireflies at dusk
• Preemptively called child's bus transportation company yet again and what?! How could you not remember me? We spoke for twenty minutes a couple of weeks ago about my son's transportation needs and the fact that he had an hour and twenty minute bus ride this year and...yadayadayada
• Stress-ate ice-cream at 11:30 p.m. while trying to figure out schedule for fall therapies
• Continued to tell child that he could not move to Orlando
• Stared longingly at the lounge chair in the backyard

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