Wednesday, August 1, 2018

9 amazing things about this photo

The other day I got this photo of Max at camp, and it gave me all the feels.

Because Max is away at sleepaway camp, once again, and loving his independence.

Because he looks so, so happy.

Because he is playing with a fellow camper, the two of them clearly connecting.

Because he seems totally and utterly immersed in the activity.

Because, OMG OMG, he is grasping a ball with both hands and raising his arms over his head, not movements that come easily to him—but that look effortless here.

Because he is also balancing so well.

Because he looks like any teen boy at any teen camp having a good time. And I’m so grateful to have found a camp that treats him like any teen boy who deserves to have a good time.

Because after a hiatus, he is back to being his Fireman Max self, complete with hat, and I appreciate that he chooses to ID in that distinctive way. (Also: #careergoals.) The other night, I emailed with the mom of the young woman in the photo to get their permission to share it. At first, I mentioned I was Max's mom. And then, it dawned on her: "Is your son Fireman Max?"

Because I miss this boy so much, but he does not seem to be missing us at all. Parents? What parents?


  1. I am not a sentimental kind of person. But this is just lovely.

    1. Thank you, Andrew. Max is one very awesome muse.


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