Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Flowers that make you really happy

There is a hoya plant on a wooden stand in my room that's pretty ordinary looking for most of the year, with medium-sized green leaves. Then a magenta shoot will suddenly appear at the tip of a leaf, and a week or so later a single flower blooms. It is always glorious, with pink star-shaped flowers that resemble a burst of fireworks.

The bloom only sticks around for a week and a half before it falls apart, but it blisses me out whenever I lay eyes on it. This year, I got to enjoy it for two whole days until I came home from work and pieces were everywhere, likely the handiwork of Ben.

My wedding bouquet had chocolate roses. Other flower faves: ranunculus, Gerbera daisies, blue hydrangea and the $3.99 bunches of alstroemeria from Trader Joe's that come in gorgeous colors and last for two whole weeks. I got into the habit of buying them after Max was born and I needed a pick-me-up.

Thanks, TJ's!

Unlike my no-frills mom, who has always been all "Oh, please don't waste your money on flowers for Mother's Day!" I love me a nice bouquet any time of the year. Given my $3.99 Trader Joe's fixation, I'm not very high maintenance. What are your faves?


  1. I love the Trader Joe flowers too! Once or twice a year I’ll get the lavender roses from Costco too.

  2. I pick up a bunch from TJ's once or twice a month, and they always make me smile! I've learned it's not
    worth waiting for someone else to bring me flowers, I just but my own!


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