Thursday, February 1, 2018

What it's like to be a mom: fill in the blank!

Sometimes, when I think about all that I do as a mother, I feel _______

[adjective]. I mean, every day I wake up at _______ [insanely early hour]

and spend the next _______ [number] minutes attempting to get my family out

the door, as everyone grumbles _______ [surly sound] and nearly forgets to take

their _______ [plural noun] with them. This basically happens every single

morning, is if they haven't done this _______ [high number] times before!

Throughout the week, I will attempt to do _______ [insanely high number] of

tasks to ensure that my children and home are _______ [adjective]  while

ignoring my own needs and barely finding time to _______ [synonym for "pee"].

I'll fill out forms for _______ [activity],  make a batch of _______ [food] in the

Instant Pot, shop at _______ [store] for all their necessities, help them with

_______ [noun], nag them to get off their _______  [addictive tech device]

and constantly clear the _______ [bad word] crumbs beneath the kitchen table.

Oh, and I'm not even counting the _______  [insanely high number]  of

things that I stay on top of: making sure they have  _______ [type of clothing]

that fits, checking that we have enough _______  [noun], reminding the kids

to clean their _______ [adjective] rooms and do their _______ [noun]

homework, plus keeping track of where everyone has to be and

when _______! [term of  exhaustion] Not to mention dashing off to the

pediatrician whenever someone's _______ [body part] hurts, attending

the _______ [adjective] parent-teacher conferences, carpooling to ________

[location], organizing birthday parties, coordinating _______ (adjective)

family holiday celebrations and OMG! [omg!] Well, now I am all riled up

and need a glass of _______ [alcoholic beverage]!  _______ [bad word],

one of these days I'm going to run away to _______ [exotic locale] and

that'll show them! Because then nobody will ever be able to find the

_______ [basic household object] and they'll soon run out of clean

_______ [type of underwear] and forget to do ALL THE THINGS and go

to ALL THE THINGS and it won't even matter because there won't be

anyone to drive them to ALL THE THINGS and meanwhile they'll likely

resort to eating  _______ [brand of cat food] for meals and boy,

are they gonna miss me!  _______!!! [sound of victory]


  1. Mama said there'll be days like this
    There'll be days like this, mama said
    (Mama said, mama said)
    Mama said there'll be days like this
    There'll be days like this, my mama said
    (Mama said, mama said)

  2. Have you been bugging my home?????? Or somehow reading my mind??????


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