Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I love you more than sushi: nope

Yesterday, Max came home from school with this lovely doily. I found it in his backpack after he'd gone to sleep.

Among the stuff that rates higher than me on his list of beloved things:

1) Mac 'n cheese
2) Friends
3) Daddy
4) Sushi
5) Pizza

No, let me correct that. I did not make it onto the list at all, although it would have been challenging to squeeze me in beneath "pizza."

I am not surprised that three out of five items are foods, because Max loves to eat. Loooooves.

Granted, fire trucks and Jamaica did not make it onto the list, either. So I am in good company.

Maybe it is teen boy-ish to be above declaring your love for your mom? On a doily?

When he woke up this morning, I asked what was up with the doily. He explained it's because of his upcoming move to Jamaica with Dave and Ben. As in, he is preemptively distancing himself from me.



  1. Did he make this right before lunch :-) ???!?!

  2. Haha poor kid! If I eliminate mom from the equation, I can still go ;)


  3. Oh man! I love Max's sense of humor hahaha! Poor mama. ;) Kids!

    I know you sometimes write about concerns you have for Max's future so I thought this post may help you https://includenyc.podbean.com/e/my-own-keeper-supported-decision-making-v-guardianship-for-people-with-disabilities/

  4. Apparently he's not taking Sabrina to Jamaica either.


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