Friday, November 17, 2017

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Here ya go

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  1. Catherine Hamlin works in Ethiopia as a nurse. She deals with fistula.

    And Gareth Evans was Australia's Foreign Minister from 1989-1995. He wrote a book called The Incorrigible Optimist.

    Maternal health care and conflict prevention, management and resolution are important.

    And I am wondering if the Sunshine and Spoons post is intended to be helpful, satirical or sarcastic. I have found my own "expertise threshold" collapsing this week.

    Will say I loved the "Conscientious Citizen" post and quoted it to Smiles and Duct Tape. They all seemed like separate instructions grounded in the environment and they were all active.

    And anything to break the Internet with all the things caregivers - or the one thing caregivers want everyone to know - Donna Thomson.

    It's been a week!

    And DC and bacon reminded me of something which went on in the family 2 months ago before I went on a trip.

    I really appreciated the "Building Language for Thanksgiving" post.


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