Monday, November 13, 2017

Everyone's favorite word is "no" around here

"I. Don't. Like. It!!!" Max informs me.

I've just showed him a new winter jacket I picked up for him. It's a perfectly fine dark green and black number although granted, it is not fire truck red.

"Max, it's nice!" I say.

"I. Don't. Like. It!!!" he repeats.

This is Max's new favorite phrase, and he uses it often.

Broccoli: "I. Don't. Like. It!!!"

New pillow: "I. Don't. Like. It!!!"

CNN: "I. Don't. Like. It!!!"

Yogurt with granola: "I. Don't. Like. It!!!"

Smelly pig at the zoo: "I. Don't. Like. It!!!"

* * * * * 

"Ben, let's get your pajamas on," I say.

"NO!" says Ben.

"C'mon, it's time to go to sleep," I tell him.

"NO!" says Ben.

"Do you want a bath?"


"Are you tired?"


Ben's favorite word is "No." Sometimes, we toy with him:

"Is your name Ben?"


"Are you a boy?"


"Am I Mommy?"


"Is that Daddy?"


"Do you like to say 'NO!?'"


* * * * * 

"No, it's not me," says Sabrina. 

We're trying to pick out some winter clothes for her on a site that's having a sale, "trying" being the operative word.  

"How about that?" I ask, clicking on a cute top.

"No, too girly," she says.

"And that?" I say, clicking on another.

"No, it has lace," she says.

"OK, wait, this is cool!" I say, clicking again.

She stares.

"No, I don't think so," Queen Herself responds. 

"No" is one of Sabrina's preferred words, too. 

* * * * * 

I may have three children at different stages, yet they are remarkably similar about being picky and stubborn and making their opinions known. In other words, they are very typical. Max has been especially vocal lately about expressing himself (see: "It's disgusting!"). This is awesome, yes. But....

Dave and I are pretty much the only agreeable human beings around here, unless we ask if anyone would like to: 1) eat cookies (Ben); 2) go to the mall (Sabrina); 3) visit a fire stations (guess who). 

Can I get a "yes!" please? 


  1. Just out of interest, how come sabrina chooses her own clothes but max doesn't? Does he just not like shopping? Just thought it might be easier if he got to pick

    1. That's a big assumption to make! I sometimes pick up clothes for both of them when I see something that I like/is a good deal. But in general, I'd say Sabrina loves shopping while Max is pretty meh about it.

    2. I wasn't trying to make assumptions, just going off what you'd written in the blog. I just know that as a 15 year old I wouldn't have wanted my mum picking stuff out for me. I get that in some ways Max is not a typical 15 year old and maybe picking out clothes for him is the best way to work it.
      Not trying not have an argument or make criticisms. Just trying to discuss.

  2. Not sure you got that from this? Just because mom picked up one jacket while out?

    1. I definitely encourage Max to pick out clothes‚ he just usually doesn't care. That's starting to change!

  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with parents picking out clothes for their kid. But at Max's age, if he doesn't like it, it should be returned whenever possible.

    1. Yep, one jacket, returned. Same as I'd do for Sabrina if she didn't like what I got her. Thankfully, our two-year-old wears everything I get him!

  4. At least you know what makes your children say YES!

    And that was at the end.

    Isaac: you are right about the jacket and returning it. It seemed like the sort of jacket which is snappy and sharp and good for billiards/pool.

    Ah - big assumptions - even when they are positive.

    And I am glad you honour your kids and their No, Ellen.

    Agreeability is a big thing. But it is not the only thing.

    And it's good that Max has a set phrase which shows his feelings.

    All three can see through a scenario and make a choice and see the consequences.

  5. Ha, it's nice to know this is a phase that my kids won't grow out of anytime soon. Also my son told me for the first time today that he didn't like a pair of jogger sweats I bought for him! I was thrilled to know he had an opinion on the matter and was starting to have preferences with his clothing.



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