Friday, November 10, 2017

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Share a post!

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Like this: On rethinking our ideas of what's fun for our children

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  1. Hip hip hooray! All the posts are on one page.

    Had a great Sunset Omelette breakfast and a lime milkshake.

    Following direct is the Cellophane Rainbow post which is about cellophane rainbows, alexithymia [the experience and the drama] and John Updike's The beauty of the lilies. The play opened on the 8th at the Meat Market in North Melbourne.

    "A different sort of magic which is in everyone" is about the Princess and the Goblin by George McDonald. Themes include intergenerational relations and goblins and magic and folklore and fantasy. Also how to make your very own subtitles / closed captions / audio descriptions. Ends with Aliki's How a book is made. Which has a lot to do with the way I make books - and how you might too if NaNoWriMo is where you are and what you are doing.

    The #mmlinky post is about "Peace in our time; peace in our backyards; peace in the Middle East". There is not a lot of it in Saudi Arabia what with Lebanon and Yemen. I found a singer called Noa who is based in Palestine. Just the right sort of Hankukah / Christmas listening. Plus you can play Challenge of the Ancient Empires and Ready for Letters through the Internet Archive.

    Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup day post. One of the "children called Noah" is 51 years old and the other is 10 years old. And a horse called Rekindling won. Also "we don't quit playing because we grow old - we grow old because we quit playing". Thank you Oliver Wendell Holmes!

    8th November I read In a different world by Hannah Barlett and explained to WibblyWobbly about Eric Schopler - his life dates are in the title. The opening video is Climie Fisher - Rise to the occasion. Includes lots of videos from Ms Barlett especially the A-Z of some key topics discussed. Life of Reilly mentioned also - a British blog.

    Memory palace erupted with developmental astrology discovery. Lots of interesting charts like Temple Grandin's and Nikolai Tesla's and Tiger Woods'. I seem to remember in Psychology Today there was a discussion about whether Woods and John Edwards were autistic. [2009-10 if you wish to look].

    And the last post is about Moonwalker - as in the film by Michael Jackson - I think Max might be old enough to watch it and there is BOY about a big Michael Jackson fan in New Zealand. And mirror play is very important and mirror work.

    These will be 25-31 or 25-32.


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