Friday, August 4, 2017

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Attention, please!

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  1. When I read about the "universal special needs stresses" I thought they were "the past" and "the future".

    As it turned out it was about Latvia and Iowa and the cultural exchange involved.

    And it made me think of a Latvian-American advocate called Ivanova Smith. Over the past fortnight they've been posting and publishing their Chewookies - a new one has come to the family.

    There were some good posts from Suzanne McRae about her father Archie.

    And I did read the "Frosting" and "Video Modelling" posts.


    Some Wookies to cheer and encourage you from Ivanova's Tumblr.

  3. Ellen, Thanks once again for doing this link-up! I always love sharing and reading others! I usually post from my own blog, the iQ Journals, but today I'm posting a piece that I did as a guest Blogger for Broken & Woken. It's more personal than what I usually write - and it was a difficult task. But I feel good about it, because it was also quite cathartic. Please check it out!

    1. Melissa,


      And it fills in with that "worried my son is in your kid".

    2. Melissa M,
      wow, the broken and woken post is great! I love how it addresses how having one condition does not mean you understand another.


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