Friday, November 4, 2016

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Let it go

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  1. Thanks Ellen. At #4 we posted about Dexter's Mum being upset at his Kindergarten Orientation Week, because no one drew a picture of him, as their friend. And, no one saved a seat for him. Just a little bump, but a tough week. And then, the kids started to ask to sit with Dexter. The teachers were great!

  2. Thank you, Ellen! Look forward to reading! I don't know why my title didn't post w 'a typical son'. I'm sure I did something wrong:)

  3. Thanks again, Ellen! My post is Get Out Daily - Another November Challenge in which I challenge us to go out with our diverse selves daily.

    Admittedly today was a bit tough (must be something in the air, folks were overtly prejudice) but I did it!

    I'm going to reward myself by reading some stories. Oh, look! There are some right here!! tee hee!


  4. Thanks as always for maintaining these weekly linkups!

  5. Thanks! Glad to have a place to share my journey!


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